Aura on Left Mouse-Button Skill ( PC )

Please add an option to have the Paladin auras placed in the Left Mouse-Button skill/main attack slot instead. Of course this would not let you have more auras active, just so you can use your preferred skills with Right Mouse-Button Skill.

Would be a happy little change, thanks.

Edit: Just to clarify how this would work in practice is that left click is basicly a move-only command while an aura is also placed in the same slot, -NOT just swapped between the mouse clicks so right click would then turn into movement command, that would just be silly.


Completly agree with this. The main drawback of the paladin compared to a fury druid and a frenzy barb is that you have to click every monster or move/shift/kill wich is really annoying.

And yes, ofcourse make it so that people cannot “Dual auras”


Yes, it would be a huge QoL improvement! Fighting with your combat skills on your right mouse button provides a much better play experience than when you’re forced to slot it in the LMB.


This is a great idea and is just a QoL improvement which is fully in keeping with the original game. It would get my vote!


Can’t upvote this enough. Having the action skill on the right mouse click would make playing the game as a zeal paladin much more enjoyable, and it wouldn’t have any impact on balance. It’s kinda frantic and whacky the way it is now trying to left click every monster, very annoying. Actually considering playing a different class just to have a better experience.


let us have auras on left click.
let us “move” with whatever button aura is set to (its passive so why not let us move with it?)
let it not get efefcted by mods (would help hammerdins position properly)


Made a barbarian just to feel the difference and it’s great, really hope they change this for paladins!


Just a workaround if this is really an issue for you guys. Make your mouse a left handed mouse before you play.

At some point they could add a left/right mouse setting which can accomplish what you are looking for.

Appreciate the idea, but functionally not the same. While it would allow you to click your right mouse button to activate skill slot one, it would not let you hold it to move and autoattack, which is the real issue here.

So devs if you’re listening, please enable a way for paladins to move and autoattack with their melee action skill like every other melee class. Frantically clicking each monster sucks.


PLEASE do this!!!


This is absolutely crucial for Hardcore. Every time I use town portal to go to town it removes my Salvation (+/= 75% res) I must select it every single time when leaving town. It is a must until you can get max res without it. You pop into town, sell items and get potions then go right back out quickly. I was cruising on lvl 52 Paladin on Act 3 Nightmare when BAM! Elem death because on my 1000th trip out of town I did not put it back on. OR I have a better idea - DON’T REMOVE MY AURA JUST CAUSE I POPPED A TOWN PORTAL!


You can use portals directly from your inventory or belt without losing your aura

Yes you can use it from your inventory. Right Click. Tadaaaaa problem solved.

I try controller on pc. Omg feels like us players that use k+m got ripped off for the amount of skill slots we get. What i liked about controller and pally is i got that ability slot back and feels way better to play pally with controller. I wish k+m got same amount of skill slots as controller did.


If we have controller like skill bind on pc. None of this will be an issue.

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Controller also has quick pickup, functionally ruining click looting in groups for kbm users. Go figure. Old school pc remake is better for controller users.

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Most time I play with my PS3 Controller and as I’ve tried now my new Paly with keys/mouse it feels like Blizzard missed something!
Its really a huuuuuge difference and can be a life saver to have the auras on left!
Please Blizz!

Even D2R should feel like in the old days, usability should not be the same as in the year 2000!

Btw.: If it should feel like in 2000, why the price for the game is not like in 2000? :wink:

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Why not? … you can have triple aura or even quadruple already
one from merc Act 2, one from weapon of the merc, one from your own weapon and one your own aura … You can actually stack 2 aura of same type already - like dream helm and dream shield and mown everything with your own conviction aura “on”
Game mechanic already have it built-in

I think the point about portal, was being able to cast it FAST. As an emergency escape. Having to open the Inventory, go there and click something small… Very clumsy, slow, and I personally don’t want my field of vision reduced like that in the middle of a tough fight.

Belt is a decent shortcut, but it limits your potion use of course.

Me, I do this: Right skill slot. Hot key for portal. Binding, so the slot goes back default right after portal cast.

Same way I use Holy Shield.

Can someone please explain this to me, like I’m a total newbie? I kind of am. I’ve played offline, solo, melee Paladins only (Zeal mainly, Vengeance main once, Sacrifice as secondary). At length.

But I never became an actual expert. And this SOUNDS good, from all the support you’re giving it. But I can’t get why somehow.

With my Zealot, I just run him into mobs. And let fast attacks+leech+good def and res+etc. keep him safe and with his health up, mostly.

I often just left-click constantly, even on the same target. Bad habit, I know. But sometimes I hold left button. I don’t think I ever tried holding all the time, like when changing targets. I usually only hold at length for a tough boss that needs 50+ hits to go down.

Bad habit aside, how would this idea change my experience? Would it mean some form of auto-target? I like picking my targets myself. Lets me be strategic. Aside from obvious “take down boss or minions first” deals, I use it to reduce chances of being surrounded, hitting enough leech-able monsters, etc.

Also. How about gaming mouses to make this happen? You can customize them more, and they have several extra buttons. I have a Logitech G300s, which I think is not even 50 USD.

With its software, I recently made it so I don’t even really need the keyboard. Not in the middle of a fight, at least. I play one-handed. Great while I recover from an arm injury. I adapted well enough in like 10 days, to face NM act bosses without losing my edge.

Enabled Quick Cast Skills. So I use stuff like Holy Shield and portal in a snap, and the skill slot goes back to main aura right after.