Another Act 3 Post, plz dont change

This is nothing but a nerf to rushes, anyone doing a normal playthrough already has to smash the compelling orb, this will essentially make rushing take 2x as long as they take, think about it the only act you have to do right now is 2, the rest are just bosses pretty much, adding another act doubles that. Act 2 is already everyones least favorite part of a rush, this change will alter that 20 year old fact. Being rushed isnt about enjoying the depth of the acts, people who want to do that are just gonna do normal playthroughs anyways, already forced to smash the compelling orb.

People who think this change is good either hate rushes/rushers (the only ones affected btw) or dont realize how huge this will be, til its thier turn to rush/be rushed.


It suppose to be an act, now it isnt… is just a 5m delay to go to act4.

I dont say it isnt annoying act but it cant remain like it is on live. Noone actually exp the act unless if start the very first day of a ladder or on single player.

sad lazy neckbeard noises

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i dont see an issue here… act 3 is one of the most interesting maps.(visually)…

With 2.4 just around the corner rushing act 3 will be interesting seeing as they are adding a lot of lvl 85 areas. Mf n grind while rushing… dont see the issue.


The Jungles could be a little more streamlined and Kurast Sewers need to be much smaller and less of a trap for minions.

The game could get a little better pacing level progression wise, so people would not try to reduce the tedium of making a fresh character. I already made a suggestion in lieu of:

  • merge ‘normal’ and ‘nightmare’ into one difficulty
  • change ‘nightmare’ into ‘hell’ now
  • change ‘hell’ into straight endgame, level 85 all the way with some ‘uber’ areas where monsters have triple immunes, bosses are their ‘uber’ versions and the game is pretty much gnashing of teeth.

Pro tip for clearing act 3 super fast, AVOID the great marsh. Most of the time the flayer and spider jungles link up pretty well and you dont have much to do after that other than the sewers and the council. 5 min from rush turned into maybe 30 mins at most, still MUCH shorter than an act 2 walk.

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If you are walking the game all the acts are acts, take about an hour to clear if you are geared, with the exception of act 3 wich takes about an hour and a half to walk and act 4 wich takes about 30 minutes, in this scenario you will not even notice the change happened, you will still be gathering the flail and breaking the orb, therefore it will not affect you at all.

The other option for clearing the game is getting rushed, in wich case ALL acts are a 2m delay til the next act save act 2 wich is a 5 min delay, this will make act 3 rushes take 5-10 minutes for a well geared rusher, much longer for a spirit sword + smoke armor + 3 p diamond shield early ladder rusher, this isnt a small extra act increase to rush times, this is twice as long, with almost twice as many maps that need to be teleported, act 2 doesnt require you to kill any of the super uniques to form the staff, both the spider cavern (arachnid layer? cant even remember wich is right off the top of my head, its generally the one NOT by the WP tho) and flayer dungeons super uniques must be killed for those chests to be looted safely by people who cant clear the act by themselves, and these areas are being buffed so clearing them will be harder/take longer as well. This is the ONLY scenario where you will even realize this change has been implemented and it will affect you negatively.

In short this change will either A) affect you negatively or B) not at all, it will never have a positive realization.

The reason no one actually experiences the act is because its the longest and arguably most difficult act to clear, people WANT to skip this content, and still will just be sitting in town waiting for the teleporter to open a TP, they just now have to wait for 3 additional tps and skip 3 more pieces of content, alternately the reason you see so many act 2 walk games is because its currently the longest and arguably most difficult act to rush and people just dont want to rush it, so yes you will likely see more act 3 walk games, but not because people want to walk it, but because people dont want to rush it, or worse cant rush it, this is why it must remain as it is.

hopefully this can persuade you to take my side of this argument, if not perhaps i can further elaborate on how big of a nerf to a rush this actually is, or perhaps you can find a scenario in wich this change is positive that has eluded me.

not sure what this means, im guessing it means you’re neutral and dont care either way, in wich case you dont plan on rushing or being rushed, and will not even notice the change has been implemented =).

The issue is that this change will only affect rushes and affects them for the worse, there is no other scenario when this change will even be noticed, act 3 is one of the cooler looking maps but people who will be affected by this change are still just going to be sitting in town waiting for TPs.

streamlining leveling a bit could make it so less people want/need rushes tho theres some scenarios where you want your character as low as possible (LLD for example) through all acts, and again there gonna have to wait for 3 more TPs and 2 super uniques to be cleared this change is not an incentive to play act 3 its a nerf to rushing act 3.

As for your other point, tho a bit off topic, someone said somewhere else something about adding a 4th difficulty called “uber” (hey might have been you), personally i think it should be called inferno haha and the other 3 difficulties should remain intact, but then add a 4th difficulty with all alvl85 and maybe some higher than alvl85 areas to farm, maybe next patch =)

well you wouldnt have to touch great marsh, you would wp spider jungle, telep to that cave, clear the elite, tp chest, wp flayer jungle, telep to the dungeon, clear the elite, tp chest, wp kurast, telep sewers, tp chest, and then do trav and mephy like we always do, this change doesnt affect walking through the game alone, this change ONLY affects people trying to skip making the flail by just killing trav and mephisto, that will not longer be an option, the whole flail will need to be completed and the orb smashed before you can accept the portal to durance 2/3, it only affects rushing, not walking the game solo or even walking it in a group, and yes 30 mins for bad maps with well hidden dungeons is a possibility, not bad for a walk, but pretty bad for a total rush time TBH let alone rushing only 1 act.


I don’t know what people would do if the, exp penalty untill lvl25 was implemented today. Which was also done to prevent early game rushes. But this drama for a +5 min detour is just laughable. And it’s not that hard to navigate through the maps. They are made out of ractangles whit may exits but the path always goes up(basicly) following the river.

With what I am suggesting you’d be with a competent character in a third of the time it takes currently, which hopefully would make players less atomized in different difficulties and would cut the tedium of doing 25+ leveling.

It will cause i wont be able to make a “rush act3” game at all. i will have to tele or walk like it or not. So imo this change is good, i dont care to suggest anything diferent since i dont care for rushes, And i guess those who dont want changes are the rushers who go with lvl 1 to HF Q

they go up following the river from town yes, they can go in any direction when entering from the WPS however, its 50/50 weather leaving from town or WP is faster for the spiders, for the flayers however the WP will always be faster, rushing someone still requires the person rushing to be ahead of the person being rushed gameplay wise, getting a rush doesnt put any player at an advantage, it does help players catch up to the curb tho. When you add into account the buffs to the act 3 monsters required to be taken out to clear act 3, as well as making it so rushing act 3 is a chore worse than rushing act 2 for those who can do it, alot of people will be stuck in act 3 for longer than they want to be when ladder finally launches. This change will widen the gap between someone with tons of fg and someone with 0 fg not lessen it.

the lvl 25 exp penalty was to slow down speed runs, not to nerf rushes, its different bugs entirely that speed runs use to skip acts, those, too, will be unaffected. all the drama isnt really about the 5 min detour, its about the fact that this is the 1st change that only affects people in a negative way or not at all, this is the 1st change that will make d2r worse than the original, not cuz its my opinion, but because the only opinions people have are that this change will have a negative effect, or this change will have no effect, if there was a single scenario where this change had a positive effect, then it would be my opinion that its bad, however such a scenario does not exist, so it is fact that this change is bad, the 1st change i know of with no possible positive outcome, thats why all the drama.

You’ll still be able to make rush act 3 games, youll just have to sit in town doing nothing waiting for tps for a little longer during late ladder and alot longer during early ladder, sounds like a negative impact on you, however you then say you dont care for rushes, that means it has no impact on you not a good impact on you, who does this change have a good impact on? i cant find anyone, and if there isnt anyone, then the change is bad.

I said it already once, Act3 should be an act. atm isnt something that ppl experiencing at all.
So i welcome this change… cya

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We’re about to be in a new ladder. A ladder in which the only goal is to reach level 99 first. IMO you should have to play through the whole game if you wanna be on the ladder. If they somehow decided to leave act 3 the way it was for non-ladder go for it. But for ladder this is good. If you want to play the game, try actually playing the game.

Play the game the way the developers want you to play, not what you consider to be fun. They are the arbitrators of Fun.

Now, please go about having fun in the approved manners.

But you also have to play through act2 the same way. You have to collect the staff, and have to find the summoner, then beat Duriel. But some how no one is bothered by that. And you only have to find WPs one per difficulty, Durence has a wp but Tal’Rashas true tomb dosen’t. So why dose no one care about act2, but looses their minds over act3?

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act 3 is the longest act in the game, this doesnt change that fact, whatever the fastest time you have rushed someone is, that will be the record for the rest of your d2r career once this change is implemented, you will never be able to beat that time, doesnt that make you a little sad?

its not people competing for 99 who are really after rushes, its mostly alts/people joining late, no one is magically king of the ladder because they got rushed, those people have no problem solo clearing the game, what benefit does slowing rushes down provide anyone? you can only be rushed by someone ahead of you.

actually you can skip the staff when rushing act 2 as well, its a bit more of a setup required, but it is possible, this is unchanged, there are ways to skip BOTH acts solo playing as well, both of those are also unchanged, i wouldnt complain if they closed those loopholes, even tho they too would affect me personally negatively, i can see how this knowledge gives me an unfair advantage and wouldnt complain about them closing those, however they are not, they are only nerfing rushes, rushes dont give any advantage, no1 is getting rich off forges, half of the time people bail right at act 4 on a paid rush anyways, and half of the broken forges are hel runes, no one is getting ahead of the curve by being rushed, they are closing the gap, rushes are a big part of diablo 2, every player im sure has given and received a rush at one point or another, and likely plans to at some point during the new ladder, nerfing them has no positive effect, its not really that big of a deal that theyre nerfing rushes, its a big deal that theyre implementing a change with no positive side effects, where is the positive in this change? what is the advantage someone obtains being rushed? how does this change remove that advantage?

It will make more people actually play the game, as it would be unlikely to tag-along a rush, so it should be easier to find someone to play with.

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I think this might be part of the intention, however, I dont think this will really be the case because either A) its early ladder and nobody is really rushing act 3 anyways and games are full already and you likely have to walk or B) its late ladder and likely when you need act 3 youre the only one at act 3 at the time, thank you however for pointing out 1 possible positive outcome.

So the positives are:
it MAY become easier to find people to play act 3 with

The negatives are:
Rush times WILL increase, not by a small amount as alot of people presume (its only 3 parts) its EIGHT maps, 2 are quite large, 2 are medium, 4 are rather small, this will effectively double rush times, especially considering most rushes end at act 4 chaos.

Rushes WILL become less accessible, rushers must now be able to survive dolls, and possibly gloam packs if you go the wrong way in flayer dungeon.

People who cannot clear act 3 alone and need help WILL be less likely to receive that help for the above reasons.

act 3 is by far the most difficult act to walk the required content of, with the exception of maybe act 5
this will also make it so less people can reach act 4 and 5 early on to compete on ladder.

the positives certainly dont outweigh the negatives.

Those are not negatives.
If the game throws challenges since level 1 instead of presenting 70 level slog before it gets fun, than it is good. If they are making it harder to rush - good. If they at the same time make the 1 to 70 less of a slog the better.

This is why I am for streamlining maps and increasing consistency of drops. People rush because they want to avoid what they don’t like in comparison to what goes later.

this wont do anything for the 1-70 slog, in fact it may make it more of a slog since chaos is now less accessible.

This is also the OPPOISITE of streamlining maps, currently the only act thats more than a mini boss and a level boss is act 2, streamlining the maps would be removing the staff as a requirement for act 2. how would you feel if they truly streamlined acts and made it so you cannot complete the final quest in an act until all other quests are completed?