Add 1/5 penalty for Sander charms

Sunder charms are too strong, soon only cold sorceresses will remain on the servers. Remove these charms pls, or at least add a 1/5 penalty like you did it for conviction aura and lower resist


cold sorc is easier but not stronger
her dmg ceiling didnt raise
the only thing that changed is that now all the game is like AT for her

that said…CM could use a small nerf on its scailing
instead of every lvl giving 5%, start with 5% and finish with 1%

“but…but…and orb?”

buff the god damn skill!


Cold sorc with a sunder charm should be the hallmark of how the class should work. Fire and Lit Mastery should both function in the same way as Cold Mastery. Every tree should have a powerful interaction with their sunder charm and their mastery skill.

Infinity needs to become less mandatory to make Fire and Lit builds not suck; but it would still function as the best merc weapon for the sheer amount of skill points it would save that would otherwise go into a mastery skill, 17 points worth of pierce.

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i see no problem with that as long we do some balancing like
the way that CM is now it trivializes her endgame farm in a way that she dont have too much to look for, a nerf to CM would make -cold% on gear much more relevant which extends her farming progression

tbh i found the nerf to convic and LR unecessary
infinity is too much expensive to be that irrelevant for fire and cold
and anyone going through the trouble of casting LR all the time should get its full potential

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It’s not rampant enough to matter, and it usually comes paired with +dmg, which is always relevant. It’s also worth remembering that sorc isn’t the only class in the game, and so these items don’t need to be too specifically relevant to sorc builds.

An absolutely hair brained change, especially with the existing interaction of Cold Mastery and sunder charms sitting right next to it. Frankly, even the debuffs plastered onto the sunder charms are pointless and against the spirit of the game; and that’s before detailing the MASSIVE imbalance of the debuffs on the different charms. Taking 10-30% more physical damage is a catastrophe, but losing 75-90 cold res barely matters. It’d be nice if the people changing the game spent more time playing it.

oh yeah it is
after certain lvl of CM you dont need anything else, just FCR
thats why so many conplain, and rightly so, how bored they got after playing a cold sorc after some time, there is very little room for improvement

playing a cold sorc was already boring in AT and now is boring everywhere else

i agree that its not something to trash upon but not even close to the relevance of -cold%
no one needs +cold% on gear to keep sniping elites in p1

thats why i think convic and LR nerf should be undone
their nerf was basically to not let cold sorc save a few skpts by using these bc it changed nothing on her dmg output and run times

I don’t understand this argument. At the highest tier for sorc, argue light is much faster and effective. It’s just the cold sorc is one of the best early with the charm… but effectiveness quickly fades as you get better gear.

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Orb and Blizz are both on a delay, don’t really need the FCR.

They complain because they feel stuck in cold due to how weak lit and fire are without an Infinity merc or a ton of bis and faceted gear. Nothing about cold mastery makes cold pierce items, of which there aren’t many, less valuable. As well, every 5% pierce gained is a skill point saved, so it’s always relevant.

Their nerf had nothing to do with cold sorc, and it’s still a valuable addition because, again, it’s saved points in Cold Mastery. They should have never been nerfed.

I totally agree with this. To counter the sorc, the other classes have to take a hit, and that feels wrong. I still think Infinity should remain how it was along with LR. It really is about the damage ceiling, and I don’t have a problem with the cold sorc, really. I always build them defensively anyways though.

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almost no one is playing sorc bc of her dmg skills
and we all why people play with her

yeah, those specs are better designed with a proper gear progression
its a looter game, if there is no reason to loot you basically kill the game
again? why care about min-max if p1 is already OHK?

points to invest in what? warmth?

oh yeah, half world complaining how “stupid OP” it would be for cold sorc had nothing to do with it

again, for warmth?

the worst part was, it was meaningless counter to her
cold mastery is still there giving her 2.0x dmg
heck, you dont even need to max it if you have the right amount of +sk

i still dont belive that there is people who thinks that
37 skp = 200% dmg
is better than
37 skp + -%on gear + convic = 200% dmg

Into anything else. Blizzorb has more than enough points that it’d like to spend if it could save on Cold Mastery investment. All of the trees have plenty of points they’d like to spend if not so locked by synergies and the mastery skills.

It’s not stupid OP. The people complaining have a myopic view of how the game can be played. In reality, because Cold Mastery is a pierce, it turns cold into the most functional skill tree for sorcs alongside the sunder charms. The other two trees should function identically. It’s nothing short of redundant that Fire and Lit Mastery are just more bonus damage synergies for relevant skills. These should also be pierce.

Spend more time looking at builds. Being able to pull points out of any of the Mastery skills creates a lot of options for sorc builds.

First of, sunder charm

Second, it shouldn’t even exist

Third, immunity shouldn’t be a thing except in rare thematically occasions

Monsters should be capped at 99% and each total resist point above that is added as Life% instead

1/5th penalty still applies too

Or create stronger monsters in a way that doesn’t arbitrarily invalidate builds. Immunities work if synergies don’t exist to suffocate hybrid builds. These sunder charms work to circumvent this, but they don’t need the pointless debuffs tacked onto them. As the game currently stands, it’s an improvement from before these charms existed. More work needs to be done to make the game more playable.

Sure, someone will come along and complain that something strong just got stronger, and oh gee wiz what a problem it is. That doesn’t matter in this type of game. The point of build diversity is catering to player tastes, not trying to balance a meta. D3 is a shameful display of an ARPG because it tries to create and balance metas. Nobody really cares about that garbage. People want to be able to play their build that they picked and not come up against gameplay preventing walls like arbitrary immunities.

The moment you try to think about D2 as a product that should cater to a balanced meta, you’re already wrong because you’ve already misunderstood the product. The best builds that have come to define the versatility of the D2 skill and item systems are the ones that go completely off the rails and are still successful.

Nobody cares that sorc #9xxxx made it to 99 first and power farmed a ladder again, but they’ll care that the bard barb cleared HC. That’s the point. The leaderboard isn’t there to show that someone “won” anything. Make your own story.

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Well the leaderboard is one if not the best vector from which to tackle the addition of interesting endgame

On top of the xp endgame you can have a tracking of multiple activities

Like terror zone boss killed ( but terror zone done well

Super unique bounties where within a same game the more super unique you kill the harder the others become. Leaderboard can easily apply to this

Restless areas where when you full clear all monsters respawn but +2mlvl, repeatable infinite times. The leaderboard on this would be very nice with all the different areas there is

there is no need to invest in anything else if we re still talking about scharms

i refer to my first post here

it doesnt matter if they were right or wrong
all that matters is that convic and LR were nerfed bc they though the sky was falling

oh i did

which build(s), besides the ones with ES, would benefit from saved mastery pts?

for the sake of gear progression for the cold sorce…

my suggestion of “nerf” is

(1x20%) from the 1st CM point
(19x5%) 2-20 CM range
(5x4%) 21-25 CM range
(5x3%) 26-30 CM range
(7x2%) 30-y CM range
(3x5%) 3 facets
(17%) 1/5 infinity

-196% cold resist, which is anough for the -100% mob cap
remove infinity and the facets and you will still be sitting on -164% cold res
-164% still is more than enough for p1 solo farm

There’s actually plenty for all existing sorc builds. Anyone who’s played with skill calcs knows this.

They were not nerfed because of sorc. Sorc was not and is not the only class that uses infinity mercs. The decisions to nerf conviction and lower resist was done so to affect all classes, not just sorc. The one untouched pierce skill is the sorc skill Cold Mastery, so take the hint. This was not a sorc inspired change.

Class and build parity does not matter in D2. The point of the game is variety based on subjective player tastes. Builds need the ability to function, they do not all need to function equally. It does not matter that one build or one class can fill more niches than another, that’s just the game. If that appeals to you, play that class. If the niches of another class appeals to you, then play that. If they both appeal to you, then play both.

Weaknesses and as valuable as strengths when it comes to developing a class or build identity.

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example please

yes it was

its the one that most benefits from it

they were collateral
no one was giving any feedback on how fire druid or poisonecro would be OP
people were complaining of how good the sorc as a whole would be with the new scharms, how there would be no reason to play anything else
and after the nerf to convic and lr people started complaining how other classes/specs were harmed and cold sorc were left basically untouched

bc they got this weird phylosophy of not touching classic elements

Energy Shield on any build. Meteor/Hydra build. Blizz/Orb. TStorm/Lit. If you don’t go out of your way to be dense, there are a lot of places to put those points.

No, they were not. They very blatantly were not nerfed only because of sorc. Sorc is not the only class in the game that deal elemental damage. On top of that, the one untouched pierce skill in the game is a sorc skill.

Every single build that deals elemental damage affected by conviction benefits from infinity. Sorc is not the only class in the game.

And they were wrong. They’ve been wrong.

Unless it’s revamping how Conviction and LR work? Ok.

no need to make any ES build if its going to perform half of what NovaES performs

save what? 5 mastery points to put in inferno? this makes no difference at all

again, 5 points saved to put in glacial spike or iceblast wont make any difference

plenty of points to make TS/nova
5 more points in static field wont make any difference for lighthing/chain lighting/TS

you can keep reapeting that as much as you want
wont make it reality just bc its your perception
point is, half world cried bc of sorc, no one cried bc of any other elemental build
the first iteration of convic and lr with scharms would benefit sorc most than any other build

did i said she is the only elemental class in the game?
please dont create straws to beat on

it doesnt matter
its bc of them that lr and convic was nerfed

what you talking about?
the 1/5 penalty is from classic and there was no Scharms in classic
they just extended the 1/5 mechanic on immunes to sundered enemies
sundered enemy is not the same as naturaly non-immune