2.5 PTR has been running 7+ days, any news? (9/15 official news update)

OK not exactly 7 days, but in exactly 1 hour from now as of posting this, it will be exactly 7 days.

No interaction from Blizzard in the feedback area, no news, nothing. Can the player base get some updates about the PTR? Please? Maybe even some dates on the ladder reset?

Thanks Blizzard.

Update by PezRadar to @DarkMaster via Twitter:

2nd update by PezRadar via Reddit this time :dizzy_face: Shoutout to @DarkMaster again!

It was posted here first before Reddit:

9/15 update:


Yes, they have secretly been working on stackable materials and optional loot filters this whole time and wanted to keep expectations low before the major announcement :grin:


I think dreaming of feature no one asked for or wanted is more probable.




Pez is busy at sport center. can’t do both at a time. sport & reply in forum

No no no, hear me out… they are implementing /dance and emotes.


all i hope is no drama to make ladder rw in no ladder ( plague/flickering flamme,…) day 1 of reset like the drama with old runewords in no ladder with amazon spear in the 2.4 1st ladder

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Hah, I wish. Hoping 2.6 has it in the next 6 months.

As for the OP, hopefully we get something in the next hour or two.


Well, I mean, that is highly debatable… People have been asking for additional endgame, and Terror Zones definitely address that request by opening up options versus grinding Chaos/Nihlathak/Baal endlessly…


Terror Zones are hugely important for the game and give a new way to play D2, which after all these years is something that the game desperately needed.

It seems people are mostly upset because they wanted more than just Terror Zones and bug fixes for 2.5. Let’s hope we get a 2.6 at some point to add in some additional QoL updates and item updates.


Oh, I’m thinking there is more in store for us over the next year or two… I don’t think Blizzard is done resurrecting the game yet. Things will eventually taper off and the game will go into maintenance mode, that’s inevitable.

Probably, but it seems like it’s lower on the list judging from the forums. Seems like a nice to have rather than something people really wanted like stackable materials, skill balances and pronouns.

While there are still many important aspects of the game that need to be addressed (in-game trade platform!!!11!11), retaining player interest is also important… The same old game is bound to lose players, both old and new. A new spin on playing the game versus the old way helps keep the game interesting.

There are many things they could do, as long as they include keeping powercreep in check. :white_check_mark:


I think they are making the mistake of inducing new things rather than making the things they have good first. I’m not sure if people going to stick around long enough if the feel like they are playing a subpar product.

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I think we can give up or waiting and listening something that they promised to us all the time, next ladder end of September

They are working on transitioning the amazon before season 2


Never gonna give up…

Oh wait, that’s never gonna give YOU up… My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do have a feeling if we don’t see any news today, this might be a two week ptr followed by another week ptr.


I don’t mind waiting, however I think I speak for many when I say that I’d like to be kept in the loop as far as what is going on.


I think you’re right, hopefully we will hear something soon.

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