[2.4 Patch] Pvp is compromised - Fast Hit Recovery / Stun Issue

maybe yes maybe no

game is dying while we wait

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All us pvpers want for xmas is immunity reverted to 2.3.

Please it’s christmas, save that game ! Bring back PvP as good as it was.

New ladder comming, maybe some good changes in pvp blizzard?

The biggest problem is that they do not recognize this problem as a problem at all.

In PVM or PK in hardcore , PK was changed to be stable, but on the contrary, FHR was useless because it broke D2R’s PVP mechanism. It is best to reverse FHR, change grief’s additional damage to damage increase %, and delete the synergy skill system of all skills.

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Just make invisible missiles visible again and you have a good game.
You get hit by them so the server knows they are there, why not render them?

We really need to revert to 2.3 where we had no immunity frames, it just absolutely destroys team game play.


Hey bro


Rip pvp

Destroyed by blizzard


28.02.2023 and still nothing …

All they had to do was leave PvP as Blizzard North had it. They fixed the weapon swap “glitch” and then put it back in because they realized PvP was broken without it (don’t have patch notes handy sorry). I guess David Brevik, the Schaefers, and their team were just more in touch.

Put your ego to bed, Blizz, and accept that the Blizzard North team made a masterpiece.


Blizz North was long gone (by early 2003) when they removed WSG then patched it back in (2016 or so IIRC?).

But yeah, sucks that WSG was never a thing in D2R and sucks that they’ll probably never revert the 2.4 FHR changes.

im glad they changed fhr it opens up lots of new gear slots

assassins used to be super broken before and you had to rely on this bug where you spam your weapon switch to get out of their stun locks which is horrible

using a glitch as a game mechanic is just terrible u outta be ashamed for making this thread

It’s what made team duels fun, it enabled coordinating attacks. Now duels last 3 times as long and is just a offscreen spam fest.

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I wish some rules were modified for HC. Instead of making no consequence to death by another player I think requiring consent to hostile condition and or the ability to block being placed in the same game with a particular user would greatly improve HC for me. Maybe even make it an option when you make a character HC with PVP or Just HC. Even coming across one person that griefs other players ruins the experience for me. It’s harassment and it is made many times worse in HC when actual time and effort gets lost and you likely didn’t ask for it.

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I don’t play PvP in D2 but still support this. Bump.

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See, the game was a tapestry. You pull on one string…

Hate to say I told you so.

2.4 absolutely DESTROYED pvp and makes it SO BAD. FHR needs to be reverted back to 2.3 at the very least or back to how it was in alpha. Listen to your community, please!


Agree, we need to remove the immunity frame. The community is increasingly quitting the game which is such a shame.


There is hope in darknesss.

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