[2.4 Patch] Pvp is compromised - Fast Hit Recovery / Stun Issue

Another balancing is coming…
Maybe the timing is coming that we leave this game.


Gratz - toxic level 99.

Never seen a guy hates so much on ppl having fun. I pity you.

then current implementation of fhr and no block stun is strange.

you used to be able to block attacks and not take damage with the cost of getting a bit of block stun so you could not attack.

Now just slap in block and keep attacking with no pressure or penalty.
Same for fhr, get stunned? nvm just keep attacking with zero pressure

should the immunity period to fhr and block stun also make you not being able to attack? just run away or teleport

It levels the playing field for many builds.

Y agreed, 2.3 implementation was bad too, stun chars where to only viable builds.
I think that just reducing fhr frames by breakpoint 1 cross the board and nerf to mindblast etc is the way to go. like:

  • No mind blast casted from shadow master.
  • When on stun state (whirls). 50 % change to get stunned by any attack instead of 100%.

This would prolly allow most build variety and stunlock characters would still be viable but not overpowered.

Not at all lol it lowered skills and mecanics.

Game is so poor. You have such low standards if you enjoy this spam fest.

New patch – No News – Exept some rumors about nerfing Hammerdin… an other bad decision incoming.

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Many old fans who sympathize with this thread have been accustomed to the legacy version. Blizzard advertised that. “The only thing that has changed is the graphics and improved usability”… I only found out now. It was hype and bait. We were all deceived. D4’s beta testers. Even after paying our money…


You’re completely right here, DHA.
No news about fixing fundamentally destroyed FHR mechanic;
Killing the Hdin now will be the last nail in the coffin.


Im done. The game is a joke. Ignores a whole pvp community, with absolutely no news and garbage patches. No sign of fixing FHR, FBR or stuns - so yea, well played Blizzard.

Also, gl to all the PvM’ers trying to sell the legendary items for the pvp players, when everybody left this game xD

Cu around


It’s frustrating. No news about this ?

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Unfortunately nothing…

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A whole community keeps being ignored…very sad


Save Fhr save fhr save fhr.


So sadness…

No answer.


I understand lots of accounts got banned near the same time frame as the fhr fix went in to place. I was one affected by this ban (map assist) , reason i mention this is how my long term pvp players lost accounts and didnt return , in a since killing pvp for a short time. I can tell you this much pvp is still strong and many classes adapted , changed from once godly specs to new ones. Im just currious to know how many smitters and trapsins are fighting these changes vs everyone else. Change happens and its either adapt, change tactics, spec and prove those skills so many brag about. Shift click smite takes no skill. Trapsin takes skill but it was such a cheap way to win a duel, stunned to death. Fcr or not a skilled sin could perma stun lock you. There are new kings of the hill and its not the same spec u been playing for years , because it owned everything. I am a fan of not being stun locked to death, stuns are still happening , just have to use at the right time to secure the win. Smite still rips melee apart, just takes longer. I know you i will get bashed for this but its my opinion and it may not be yours. I just call it like i see it. Thanks if read this run on.

Cringe, cant imagine getting bullied so hard by a shift smiter that you are glad they watered down the entire pvp aspect of the game. Maybe try not namelock stomping while its standing in place shift smiting?

Also trapsin meta is a lot cheaper now than it ever was. Since sins cant fhr lock anymore they just camp 5 stack and run/l8z which requires a lot less skill than when they actually played aggro and tried to lock you down

Game legit feels like dogwater with the new fhr mechanics and 4v4 has turned into everyone running around spamming with minimal team plays


This exactly! PvP has turned into spam fiesta with ppl holding down teleport, knowing that you can’t catch them via fhr animation…


i mean you think what you want and its fine. Tho i cant help but giggle at “shift smite takes no skill”.

Smite is a skill where you need to namelock to do anything. If you dont namelock your opponent, you never deals any dmg. Ofc its strong in melee duel, when your opponent dont move much and thus is easy to namelock. But most pvp ISNT melee duel. Catching a nec, a dudu or a sorc with smite is (generaly) far harder than playing said caster than cast just mindlesly and tele away as soon as you get close until he hit and kill you. And well, with 2.4 patch, if the smite ever manage to get you, you can get out almost instantly instead of him being rewarded for catching you / you getting punished to getting catch


A nerf for a nerf is unconditionally unacceptable.

After 2.4, FHR is deleted (or not), so it is the same as triggering stun lock or FB, and FHR is meaningless with it.

Most of the items have the FHR option in the spotlight.

And if the FHR was adjusted to the job-specific frame rate, stun spam could be reduced.

Okay, now that FHR has been removed, let’s nerf teleport.

Is this really the right decision? Rather than danough everything, it is necessary to reverse the deletion of FHR (reducing effect?! lol).

That’s another meaning of balance. It’s all about needing a balance, not a nerf.

At least the diminishing effect on Fast Hit Recovery (FHR) is unnecessary.

  • Teams suck because people can pride hold teleport forever now. Sweaty trap/necro play makes a tournament go into the AM.
  • Patch mindblast not stun in its entirety.
  • Its pretty weak that anyone can cast spells while being smited and win whether its nados hams or spears. Downside of casters was FHR which is gone.

Game is basically DvN now and pick another class if you want to challenge yourself. At least block animation gave barb/sin a chance now we limit block down to what is it 30%? Nothing stops a l8tz ibser or sin that just wants to c/t and 5 stack anymore… and that has made most of my friends quit

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