2000+ Words - Sorry Once

As I sit in queue for the Nth morning in a row, I started wondering how the D2R DEV team feels with all of these issues. I started reading this thread where the DEV team explains the issues.

I couldn’t help but notice how tone deaf their response to these issues are. Their game is constantly crashing, people are pissed, and now their answer is “you now have to wait 30-45 mins to actually play.” This was the DEV team’s chance to really set the tone by acknowledging mistakes made and to build confidence in their fixes. Instead, we get a 2000+ word diatribe that does neither. It’s baffling to me that they managed to write 2000+ words and only use the word “sorry” once. They also did not use “apology” or “regret” or “fault” or “remorse”.

I think the apathy of their response says a lot about the state of this game. To the DEVs, we don’t care about the issues…just TRY to care and fix it. To the rest of us, I hope we show the same apathy when Diablo 4 launches.


100% agree

and their communication was so poor during the entire fiasco creating a mob of frustrated players