1000€ CPU and we are stll locked out

wtf? even a currently low class CPU destroys your “1000 Euro CPU”. That is clickbait… Every real gamer should have a cpu with avx… and windows 10! you can play D2 original when you dont have that :slight_smile:

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what OS are u using?

I’m angry too! Have a Harddisk Drive that was 80k$ (ok its 20yo) and cant play!!111


There are people like me out there, who sustainably shop. A PC is put together so that he holds 10 years and not already replaced after 2 years.

We are getting punished for spending a lot of money on sustainable Hardware

Some People are spending 1000-2000 bucks every two years for new hardware and i try to spend 5-6k every 10 years. What is the better aproach? Depends on what you are trying to achieve.

I did not get my i7 980X EE above 50% usage so far. So why buying a new one if this still rocks everything?

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Correct. But blaming a video game company, that produces video games to provide for the current generation of hardware, is getting no where. Hardware manufacturers are posting the same prices year after year. Inflation is a thing causing people not to upgrade their dated-hardware every 2 years.

The price/value of your machine is irrelevant when the issue is on the other end of the equation.

Of course, those servers should cost much more than 1k… unless they’re all virtual and then then machine/cluster hosting them likely does.

You know that CPU usage (since we have more then 1 core) means nothing, right? For example: a quadcore can be a bottleneck with 25% Usage :). Only GPU Usage is a indicator. GPU Usage below 95% means CPU bottleneck.

A 980X is in many new Games a bottleneck for 60+ FPS, cyberpunk for example.

Youre CPU is 10 years old and dont have all features anymore. Even Low end CPUs are faster now.


this topic should never show that I am a rich child who bought an X cpu 10 years ago. this topic says that WE, all who have the same cpu or this series, simply cannot start the game because of an AVX issue. this error is not due to our hardware but to blizzard because it was never mentioned in the minimum requirements and was never required for a game that I know. you can see that here: Game Doesn't Start / "Launching" then Game Crashes / AVX Issues - #742 by Drakuloth

you can also see here that we are many: Game Doesn't Start / "Launching" then Game Crashes / AVX Issues

btw … every “real” gamer give a sh … about win10 and try to avoid it as much as possible. it affects the performance and it doesn’t matter what setup you have.

love and peace :wink:

Did you buy it new 10 years ago or picked it up later for less money?

In comparison one of my friends has recently picked up a brand new i9-9900K for $300 from Amazon. (It’s 3 years old tech but AFAIK it hasn’t been discontinued yet.)

In case of gaming I’d lean towards more frequent updates especially when the goal is playing triple-A titles or competitive shooters that require high FPS. It doesn’t have to be every 2 years (more like 3-5) but 10+ is way too much. We can’t always predict future tech advancements so some hardware combos last longer than others. As an example an i5-8600K is still very good for gaming especially when paired with a good MOBO (to make overclocking possible) and that is 4 years old tech and wasn’t even the top CPU of its time.

GPU usage isn’t the only indicator but it’s more reliable than others and it’s easy to obtain. There are cases where the bottleneck isn’t CPU or GPU but something else.

The “real gamer” part is BS but upgrading from an OS that is no longer supported is in your best interest for various reasons:

  • Lack of security updates
  • New driver and software doesn’t always support the retired OS version (in case of gaming this includes DirectX and similar that gamers give a sh about)

Win7 might be faster but you don’t really have a choice.

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Sure, that is true. But its not soo often.

Not judging or defending them but 3 ground rules for any software:

1- just because something works in alpha or beta doesn’t mean would be available on launch, the beta was stress multiplayer test, the alpha test was single player test. Wasn’t intended to gauge any hardware itself or had all functions of the launch game. Their purpose weren’t narrow software because the logic was smaller to address what they wanted to check, which was server stability which btw, done a poor job.

2- having older Hardware when you compare with minimum requirements you are subject to have a problems. Like driver features, direct x limitations, cpu features and OS limitations.

3- having almost 11 year old Hardware doesn’t help your case, their requirements are 9 and almost 10 year old hardware. Both cpus and gpus supported were released at 2012.

About AVX issue, they plan to remove if not breaks anything that’s why they’re further testing, check the post from pezradar about it.

Continuing the discussion from [Advanced Vector Extensions Issue Update - 9.27](https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d2r/t/advanced-vector-extensions-issue-update-927/12557):

Most folks right now have Hardware capable of running any AVX instruction. On steam by example have 5.3% users being unable to use it, across 3 plataforms(windows, Linux and macOS) and this number keep decreasing each year/month.

They probably will remove the requirement but most likely will take time, to address caveats that could come from it, if you’re not sure if you can wait until then, you can ask for refund and buy later.

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The writing was on the wall when game devs started releasing games that required AVX. Even after patching the games so that people without AVX could play them you would still have slightly lower performance all around.

I’ve been on the X58 platform since 2008 and if you have a high end mobo and high end cpu from that generation (either the 56xx xeons or xtreme edition cpu’s overclocked to 4.2-4.6ghz) it was a killer killer combo. People talk about bottlenecking and to be frank up until the release of cyberpunk and doom eternal you could still play everything at max settings with 60-120 fps (depending on cpu overclock and gpu used).

This is the third game that I’m having to wait until a post launch patch allows me to play. I’ve already ordered a 5600x cpu 32 gb of ram and a b550 mobo. Once that arrives I’ll ge gutting this system and selling it.

I think it’s time we the X58 faithfull call it a day and move on it was an awesome 13 year run.

p.s I was so close to ordering an EPYC or Threadripper but then I’d be spending more of my downtime at home doing work instead of gaming :smiley:


I’ve spend 1k on my PC about 4-5 years ago, still runs great no Problems at all
Bought 2tb SSD 169 2 years ago.

Would never spend more than 1,5k on entertainment hardware, imagine all the nice things you can do with the spare 2 k…

Some of us have enough disposable income to splurge out. Having done the splurging out a decade or so ago we haven’t needed to do any major upgrades apart from a new GPU every second or third generation.

Now with AVX becoming a serious issue for gaming I might splurge out again as my finger is itching to get a hold of a EPYC cpu and have a play around with it :slight_smile:

Why would you get a server CPU for a gaming rig? Unless you’re doing major content creation and/or raw video encoding, that’s not only overkill, but suboptimal in terms of raw clock speed for most games since very few games utilize more than 2-4 cores.

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Blizzard likely has more immediate concerns than saving you a buck with 10 year old hardware.

My first comment stated I’ve ordered a 5600x upgrade kit for the home PC.

And yes I might get an EPYC cpu because I work as a network engineer and having that sort of system would be fun to play around with and run full enterprise simulation’s etc. Not everything is about gaming :sunglasses:

Eh. You can run enterprise simulations on any of the CPUs, though obviously if you’re going for software that can actually use that many cores an EPYC CPU could work. Most would want it solely for the PCIe lanes, something most mainstream CPUs lack.

the problem is, electronic stuff evolves quickly, 10 years in computer electronic are like 50 years in car stuff for example.

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I have a used Tandy hx 1000 I’ll trade ya :slight_smile: