You were disconnect from

i get error you were disconnected from please try again. everything was working fine till i accidently unplugged my router then this happened. ive tryied uninstall reinstall

its a classic tech issue im trying to connect to diablo 2 lod

My bad then… sorry.


What gateway are you trying to connect to ?

Can you connect to another gateway ?

cant connect to any gateway

Hey there,

I looked over the account and it is currently restricted until July 3rd.

Diablo II actively prohibits proxies or VPNs and connecting with one active will result in being temporarily restricted from classic Battlenet. If you are using any proxies or VPNs it is vital that you disable them when attempting to connect to our classic servers.

Connection to Classic Battlenet can also be restricted if you play from a commercially provisioned IP. This is generally business, public or university based connections. We recommend playing only from Residential provisioned IPs.

Finally this also includes cloud services. If you try to connect using a cloud service the account can be restricted.

This restriction lasts 2 weeks from the last attempted login with the restricted IP.

Please note if you have been restricted due to cloud, proxy, VPN or commercial access usage, this restriction will persist even if you switch to a normal connection type. We cannot remove this restriction and it must be allowed to expire before you will be able to connect again.

Please note this is not intended as a punishment. Due to the age of the service these types of connections are blocked to protect the security and stability of the service.

Once your restriction ends you should be able to login normally from any residential provisioned ISP.

If you are still unable to connect to any gateway after July 3rd, reply back to this post with the details of what you are seeing including any specific error messages.


Can you telll me if my Restriction is up today or if I have to wait a few extra days since tryied to logg in again?

If you are now using a permitted connection method for classic, you should be able to log in after the restriction ends.

It’s July 3rd now, but if it was 5pm two weeks ago when the restriction began, then it will end at 5pm July 3rd.

having same issues connecting.
error connteing to bnet please try again

Hey there,

At the time of your last post you were restricted due to packet flooding. (Usually to many connection attempts (or joining/leave too many games) in a very short period of time. But that restriction has expired as of this reply (they are typically only 12/24 hour restrictions. So as long as you are not trying to connect to the service using a VPn, Proxy, Cloud, Business IP you should be able to connect at this time.

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