WTF is our XP buff?

we really need timelines for when these things are happening, were not all 12 years old with unlimited time. how hard is it to makes posts telling the player base when to expect what. " in the coming weeks" might as well be " sometime in the future". Seriously hire an intern to get you guys some coffee and start doing your jobs.

This forum is for third party developers of apps and websites who use the Blizzard API.

If you wish to provide feedback for one of Blizzard games, you will need to post on the forum for that game. If you need help finding that, I am sure someone can direct you.


Do you mean this?

It is also posted on the WoW forum. That is the place to give feedback. It is best to avoid masked profanity and insults.

actually this is what he is referring to. You were correct someone would be able to direct him but sadly today it was not you. Also didn’t detect any insults or masked profanity in the OP so I don’t know why you would warn about that. If you are referring to getting someone to get you coffee and you start doing your job it is only an insult if it is not true. Have a great day :slight_smile:

  1. This forum is for API information. Period. The OP was unable to find the right forum.
  2. 4 hours ago I provided the proper link to the WOW forum for them - with a News post from today about a major XP buff for WoW.
  3. The title contains masked profanity.
  4. MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff.
  5. The op was apparently unable to find the proper location for information and yet was trying to insult the WoW team. It helps to try the WoW website and forums.

Ok, so you know from his post he wanted Classic info and not Retail? The OP was very unclear. The information in that is pretty clear that they have not set the time frame yet and are communicating that - a month ago.

If they want info on WoW, go to the WoW website. If they want to give feedback on WoW, go to the WoW forums.

You too.

“Whiskey tango foxtrot” AKA “WTF” is such an integral colloquialism of society at this point that it’s kind of absurd to point it out as masked profanity or insulting, with that sort of mindset, it’d be easy to accuse some of your responses for including micro aggressions. When you enter the forums from a computer, navigating to the WoW forums from the general subset options of Blizzard forums is not exactly straight forward. I’m looking at the forums right now this title was the closest thing to the WoW forums I could see.

If you are looking to comment on the forums of a particular game do not click the forums tab from the portal. You have to click your particular game from the portal and then click forums after that. Hopefully this helps anyone trying to comment on a particular game.