Wrongfully banned

my friend told me to get online and hold gold for him. so i did and return all gold to him l . later on i found that i was banned and i believe i was invloved in a gold sell/buy activity which i didn’t know.
what did i get ban for? and they wont even investigate . been playing for 15 years and got banned like this hurts alot. is there anyway i can contact a live person or phone call someone to talk about? all i am getting reply is they wont unban me with copy+paste relies. i would ike to talk to live people .ty for helping

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Oh, they did.

Likely something involving the gold trading.

No. Blizzard does not allow people to “argue” their case. An appeal means you put in a ticket to have them review the log data and verify that the ban was valid. You an appeal up until they tell you that they won’t take more appeals. The reply is not automated, but it is a template they use that has been approved by Legal.

The forum to post in for questions about WoW policy is Customer Support. It is NOT a means to talk to GMs. It is an Information Desk to answer support and policy related questions.

This thread there today is very similar to yours and has a Blizzard answer. Read it all until you get to the Blue post at the end.

i am gonna wait i guess, but one thing i dont understand that is sometimes number doesnt tell teh whole story. in this case it shows i did recieve the gold from someone but i also gave out . without my knowledge being used as a trade media? is that against tos? why wont they allow people to "argue“? if i did it i would admit but i swear to god that i didit do any exploit econ even on the system looks like i did…anwyays i am just goona sit and wait for it i guess.
would be a heart breaking news if they insiste banning me and i would say goodbye to this 15 years gold all time best game