WoW sub time glitched

Hello everyone, I originally posted it on the WoW eu forums but a GM told me to post here;

For some reason the days left of WoW sub displayed on the bnet launcher change randomly recently, one day it was 19 days, the next it was 12, then back to 17, etc. it’s been doing that for a bit over a week so far.

Today it seems to be displaying the correct period remaining (checked on the website to be sure).


An hour ago, I had 13 days, now I have 10. I had noticed a few weeks ago that the game time had gone up by like 5 days. It was weird.

The current time displayed seems correct.

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Do you play on more than one PC? I ask because the same thing happened to me, and I posted it below. It seems to happen when you have the launcher open on one system, then log in on another system. The original one will pop up a Reconnect button. For the duration that the Reconnect prompt is up, it seems that the paid time ticks down abnormally. When you click Reconnect, you will see the wrong time left until you restart the client.

Nope just one PC. 20char

Edit: Today’s update (10/28) seems to have fixed it.

Edit: Nope it didn’t, started doing it again the very next day.