WoW Mythic Keystone Leaderboard data is missing

Period id: 926
Connected Realm: 117
Dungeon IDs: 403 & 206

Period id: 920
Connected Realm: 117
Dungeon Id: 406

This has been on on-going problem for nearly a year. The API works for maybe 24 hours, then stops refreshing data. After server resets Tuesday morning, they tend to be refreshed. Six weeks ago (period 206), Halls of Infusion (206) was never refreshed. This week two dungeons, Neltharion’s Lair & Uldaman, have not been refreshed. I don’t expect an answer to this post, but this is to the point I’m becoming very upset. I have spent countless hours learning and writing my own code for a small project to assist myself and my guild with running keystones. Data that is incomplete or missing, impacts us. I am just asking for someone to spend time looking into this issue and resolve it, and how do I get the missing data?