WoW endpoints return 502 code

This problem is not permanent, the same query returns either the expected code or 502.
List of endpoints that return 502 code:

Do you already know anything about this?
Let me know if you need more information, I will try to provide everything I can.


I am seeing the same problem, lots of 502 error since Thursday, Dec 16. It appears to mainly affect EU characters.

The official armory pages are giving errors too, such as:



last test:

I’ve been running tests like this for the past few days. This is not really a clean test as it uses one endpoint throughout the test. This is usually a test for 100,000 requests.

Test results:
maximum chance of error ~ 7%

The most common error is 502, but 500 occurs

I have not taken screenshots before, but I will periodically add new results

Got same issue here for getting realms when on EU region, but getting a mix of 500 (Internal server error) and 504 (Gateway Timeout).

Been testing with code and blizzards own test tool in the browser, both fails.

Tried with all the other regions, works fine.

it looks like the problem has been fixed