WotLK Classic says subscription expired issue

I recently resubbed to WoW for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. I had the issue before and put in a ticket and they acknowledged that there is indeed an active subscription on my account. They also sent me a list of rubbish to try and instead I uninstalled all WoW and Classics games , cleaned up and defragged the entire hard drive, updated all my drivers even the Windows ones and spent the next 17 hours installing everything WoW related back onto the computer.

Everything seemed fine and I’ve tried out the new Evoker class and even ran a couple of days questing towards my flying in Shadowlands on Retail. I’ve just tried to start Classic again and I can’t because it says my subscription expired. I checked and the next payment is due November 28 so I still should have time left.

What do I do now? I doubt another ticket will wield any more information than the last time so I’m stuck. I can log in and play Dragonflight but not Classic. Any ideas? Maybe a Blizzard Rep can read this?


This forum is for technical support for Blizzard’ Classic Games — legacy games such as Diablo II (2000).

World of Warcraft has its own forums here: World of Warcraft Forums

Account issues are normally resolved by submitting a ticket; these days, however, ticket response time is very, very long… about 2 weeks or more. You might want to try posting in the Customer Support category of the WoW forums — the Blizzard staff there are not Game Masters and may not be able to resolve the issue… but they should be able to let you know if there are alternatives to a ticket.

Here’s a link to WoW Customer Support :

Good luck with this.