Why are people getting banned on WoW PVP servers for Pvping?

Blizzard is giving out bans for people who are open world PVPing on pvp servers and cannot answer why. Other then sending the same robot answer to check a webpage that has nothing to do with PVP server. Terms and Policies everyone has “accepted” when playing this game says no naming, cheating or behavior. Witch makes since but under behavior says no griefing, throwing or feeding witch has to be the reason for the bans? Posted Below


Behavior that intentionally detracts from others’ enjoyment (such as griefing, throwing, feeding, etc.) is unacceptable. We expect our players to treat each other with respect and promote an enjoyable environment. Acceptable behavior is determined by player reports and Blizzard’s decision, and violating these guidelines will result in account and gameplay restrictions.

So therefor you cannot Pvp on a PVP server cause it will take away their enjoyment when they chose to make a character on a pvp server and if they get killed open world and report you, you get a ban… I play wow for pvp servers i know what my risks are. So I would like Blizzard to define what is acceptable on a pvp server so no one gets banned. Maybe accept an acknowledgment when making a character saying you will die in open world and they cannot help, or turn all servers to Normal if we cannot PVP. 10 Day Ban for open world PVP after we get camped for 30 mins straight seems legit.

That general policy for all Blizzard games do not impact PvP. Not at all. PvP is an intended part of the game. Blizzard intends for others to kill players, annoy players, camp players, etc. Player who select PvP servers or Warmode opt-n to dealing with that.

No, that is NOT true. So not true that they have a Support article pointing out that PvP is an intended part of the game. Including ganking, camping, and making someone miserable. If they choose to play on a PvP server, or turn on Warmode. they WILL be killed.

Blizzard does not consider that harassment or “griefing”. It is considered playing the game as intended.

Common Problems

  • A player is camping me.
  • Keep being ganked and can’t play the game at all.
  • A player of the opposite faction is killing NPCs.

The Game Master staff will not intervene in Player versus Player (PvP) disputes.

Modern WoW

If you do not wish to engage in open world PvP combat in World of Warcraft, disable War Mode.

WoW Classic and Wrath of the Lich King Classic

If you do not wish to engage in regular PvP combat, you must create your character on a Player versus Environment (PvE) realm. On a PvE realm, you can freely choose when you want to engage in open world PvP combat by enabling or disabling your PvP flag.

If you chose to create your character on a PvP realm, Game Masters will not address situations where you are repeatedly killed by the opposite faction. This includes situations that may be considered dishonorable such as corpse camping or killing players well below your level.

Nobody gets penalized for PvP unless they are using bots, cheats, or exploits - which is against the game rules for all content. No amount of reporting someone for PvP is going to result in a penalty. That is NOT why someone got Suspended or Banned.

Well I hope so that the policy doesn’t fall under PVP.

Pvp is intended on a pvp server… But when alliance complains and whines that they are getting killed and reports you for “Game Sabotage” enough times from multiple people cause your killing everyone, you get a 10 day ban… So it can happen

and no cheating bots exploits where involved…

The behavior policy is the only thing that makes since “on the Ban” cause opening up tickets multiple times blizzard auto bots only send that. They cant send a human to define or clarify these set rules other then if you break X rules you get a ban. Those are the only thing I could pull out of the policies that would make sense. Not saying that’s why the ban happened. But how does someone get a 10 day ban for open world PvP in ashenvale outside of the incursions for wow SOD… People Reporting you for pvp that dont want to pvp at that said time… gets u an auto ban.

This game has entered the Panderverse and to be honest it feels like a game that was made for little children now.

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No, that can’t happen. You can kill them as much as you want. Gameplay Sabotage is for organized PvP arenas, Battlegrounds, etc. When someone decides to intentionally cause the team to lose.

That has nothing to do with World PvP. Gank all the lowbies you want. Corpse camp them. Enjoy.

Just don’t use any terrain exploits, botting, etc. Also don’t spam any rude emotes at them so you don’t get caught by any spam rules.

The WoW Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk to help folks navigate the Support system, answer policy questions like yours, explain services, etc.

They have a Blue active during their shift most every day. You are not guaranteed an answer, but if you want to see a Blue verify the PvP policy I linked, you can ask. They will be happy to tell you that world PvP is not going to get you in trouble even if reported. There are extreme examples that cross into Server Disruption, but that is rare. Otherwise PvP is part of the game and expected.

Organized PvP in Battlegrounds and Arenas may, but only if you are trying to sabotage the team.