When is Blizzard going to support Linux?!


Copy Pasta from user Johners on old Forums. Still damn relevant though:

The question of Linux support comes up time and time again but I really think it is time that Blizzard actuallty supported Linux. Here is why.

Drivers aren’t an issue anymore

One of the big reasons that people didn’t want to use Linux was the poor state of graphics drivers. This isn’t an issue anymore. The drivers have massively improved and the major performance differences that some games still show are down to the lower quality wrapper-based ports rather than the native ports (like those Valve did for their games).


The Vulkan API is the cross-platform versions of DirectX 12. These two APIs are the future of PC Games but Vulkan isn’t restricted to Windows 10 like DX12 is. By using Vulkan, Blizzard can generate code that is multi-platform friendly and would make the job of creating and supporting Linux games much easier in the long run. Blizzard are also a member of the Khronos group, the people who publish the spec for the Vulkan API.

Distro Fragmentation isn’t an issue

Another common argument for not using or supporting Linux is the number of distributions. While there are large number of options, the vast majority of Linux users use a small handful of distros that are very similar to each other.

More importantly, Valve only officially support Ubuntu which makes their job easier while also reducing the diea who need to officially support every distribution that exists.

Users are willing to test/support companies that support Linux

There is a dedicated and growing community around Linux gaming that is willing to help developers, both finanically and constructively, who want to support. The community while buy the games while also do their best to report bugs or test development builds for upcoming or already existing games that are being ported. Blizzard are a massive company and they could easily grab the attention of this entire community and it would help to provide a lot of real world testing for them.

Operating system choice is good

Giving people the choice of using a non-Windows operating system to play Blizzard games is only a good thing. While you can use Mac OS X you do have to buy an Apple Mac to use it (in line with the license agreement anyway).

This is important because Windows 10 and the upgrade tactics have drawn a lot of negative attention to Microsoft. There is an even growing number of people who are switching to Linux or at least considering it.

However, there is one problem. Linux has (or had) a chicken and egg problem. Nobody uses it because nobody develops for it which leads to nobody developing for it as nobody uses it. While Valve and other companies have been changing this by porting games to Linux, a company as large as Blizzard porting their games to Linux would do wonders for this movement and would really send a signal to games and developers alike to actually take Linux seriously as a gaming platform.

The benefit of doing this is that the users have more choice as to what operating system they run on their computer without having to make sacrifices. You can run the games via WINE but that isn’t perfect whereas a native port would allow for Linux Gamers to enjoy the best possible Blizzard experience without having to install/use Windows.

Linux Market Share Growth

While the accuracy of web based statistics for operating ysstem use is questionable, the usage graph that will be linked below shows that Linux now has more than 2% of the market share on desktop operating systems. This is, again, a sign of progress.


+1. This is why I like steam better as they have been Linux supporters early on.


Vulkan >>>> DirectX, by far

Please, Blizzard.


It would be great to play some Blizzard’s games on Linux


+1. Blizz should at least consider it.


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That would be great!

  1. Install lutris
  2. Install the proper vulkan-capable drivers
  3. Install battle-net and enable dxvk

There’s your Linux support.


Blizzard and Activision anti cheat system prevent us from playing games such as SC2, Destiny, D3 … I buy all my games and I can play it under Linux.
I tried with wine, Playonlinux or Proton, these games does not work due to anti cheat system. I will never install Windows to play a game. Windows is a shame, it’s slow, unefficient and power consuming.
Blizzard, if you want me to buy any of your next game, add native support to Linux (or make sure it’s working with wine/dxvk on Ubuntu or whatever …)

As said previously, supporting a native game on linux is not a big deal :

  • Use Vulkan API
  • Link you ELF file with static libraries - OR - ship required dynamic libraries with the ELF file. Only keep basic deps with libc. In that way, your game will run on all linux system.