We've detected a newer version of Battle.net - TERMS update

Today I started receiving a pop up stating:

We’ve detected a newer version of Battle.net than the one you’re attempting to launch. You may need to fix your shortcuts.

Continue with Latest Version

This happened after the client forced me to log in and accept the legal terms notification. Normally it auto logs in so I am guessing that they had a terms update that they wanted everyone to accept. I wonder if whatever code they used to force everyone to log in and click accept on the terms might have caused this issue.

I click the button stating to “Continue with Latest Version” and the game starts. The game must be on the latest version since it doesn’t download or install anything after I click “Continue with Latest Version”. I searched my hard drives for alternate executables so I could update my shortcut as the pop up states but everything syncs up.

This is very odd, in all the years of playing Blizzard games I have never received this error.



This topic may shed some light:

Unless it fixes itself soon… and allows you to install the update from the Battle.Net App menus… you’ll need to download and install an updated version of the Battle.Net Desktop App (not the game client) manually.

Best of luck in your games !

ever since mobile launched – ive uninstalled and reinstalled battle.net and call of duty 4 times each, fresh downloads each time - deleting every single file from my computer first to make sure its all fresh… diablo 4 and 2 load fine… call of duty used to at least show the splash screen but after the first attempt after every reinstall it doesnt show at all… the “play” button just darkens and says playing, then pops back to “play”… no reply from activision or battle.net ticket…

I am getting this popup everytime I launch Bettlenet

I should not be forced to install a new version

I’ve been getting this constantly for well over a month. Maybe close to two. No matter what I’ve done, it still persists. Yet I’m not at all surprised…

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