Warzone Stuck on 0b/s

Im trying to download warzone but i keep getting 0 b/s once i hit 40 Gb left ive tried the troubleshoot steps none has worked


Hey there Nevermore,

Be sure to run a Malware scan on the system! Just as a security precaution, I do see malware cause the installer and it’s good to keep the system healthy.

It might also be good to try power cycling the network and computer to help ensure the problem isn’t just some bad cache data.

Let us know how it goes!

I got the same issue, it keep getting 0b/s when it hit 1.86mb left. i follow ur instruction , running malware scan and reboot router, but the result is still same. I hope u can help me to solve this problem.

My installer doesn’t even want to start. I can click the button, but nothing happens.

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Hey there,

Could any user who has completed the suggested troubleshooting send me some app logs? That link should have instructions on how to get them. Once you have the zip file please email it to us.

To: Techinfo@blizzard.com
Subject: For Kaldraydis
Attachment: The log file of course!
Body: Please link this forum thread so I know what the email is related to!

Side note that the email inbox is for receiving files only. We do not send replies through there. Any support requests submitted to the email will not be addressed so be sure to follow up with us on this forum thread. Do not send files unless an agent requests them!

hey did u end up fixing this because i have the same issue

I too am having this issue. Have been trying all evening to play but its just sitting on 0% update.

Hey there icmetro,

I got your email with the log files. I’m noticing some software interactions causing the error. Further investigation shows malware on the system.

Please run a malware scan on the PC. I typically recommend Malwarebytes if others aren’t picking it up for some reason. No need to get the paid version, the system scan feature is free!

Once the malware is in quarantine, please run a system file checker then restart the PC.

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I got the same issues too . i have followed all the steps and still it stucks at 0.it started downloading for a bit and then it became 0 again. can you give me other steps or how to fix it pls. cuz i want to play it so much . i havent tried the log goblin yet should i do it ? does it fix all my issues ???


I have been trying to install the game for almost a week, and after following al the steps and restarting the download several times I keep getting stuck at 0B/s once there is only 266,24 Kb left, and it´s always at the same point. does someone knoew how to fix this?


hey kaldraydis i emailed you my logs hope u can help me resolve this issue since i have been trying to download cod warzone for 3 days with no success

hello are you available?

I have the same trouble today with patch 1.18 warzone

We all have. Try jump region. Worked for me.

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nothing works for me, download speed is fine for 1 sec then it just drops to 60 bits per secon :confused:


Set region to America. Close Bnet and open. see if it works

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no bueno, doesnt work :<


Copy past from a nice guy:)

What i did :

  1. Closed Battlenet
  2. Control + Alt + Del > Kill all Battlenet agent.exe
  3. Launch Battlenet again
  4. Before clicking on update > Change region to another one (i dit Europe to America)
  5. The Download will started
  6. If your download is not starting you must click on Pause (right side of the download bar) wait maybe 10 seconds and click again and your download will continue again.
  7. Don’t forget to change your region back when your game is downloaded.

Important : changing your region have no impact on the game because the game is multi Lang


did that, it also doesnt work :<

thank you for trying to help tho

Same problem here and i can’t get it working