Warzone , Game stopped working and crashes ,PC

since the last update the game sometimes cannot launch and if it launched cannot even stay for 2 minutes and cannot install 4% of shaders never had these issues before , and i have done everything to solve this issue , i dont have antivirus , disabled firewall , and many things i did and no fix ,
i have paid my …cking money to have this game while i cannot play a free game and my friends all of them enjoy the free game .


i have same problem in the last update

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Since the last update, every launch attempt has been unsuccessful. I uninstalled both Call of Duty & Battle net.


Same problem, game launched and worked fine before the last update, now it simply wont launch. It tries though, sometimes it even asks if i want to allow it to make modifications, after that the cursor becomes the loading symbol a couple of times and then nothing, as if i never even tried launching the game.
Tried a ton of solutions, spent all my afternoon yesterday trouble shooting and the whole night re-downloading battle.net launcher and the game and nothing worked.



this thread helped me solve my problem, particularly the antivirus solutions of the original post:
" Also read for those with COMODO Antivirus, which I do not have, but I do have the Firewall to go to: Settings > Advanced Protection > Miscellaneous > Don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications. I’ve added the game folder “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”"

& this one for the sophos antivirus in one of the comments
“I just go to the help of the client app and choose help --> troubleshooting --> Local Exclusions… If I do it on the cloud for some reason dont work…”

If any of you have your ram OC’d at all you should go and reset your Bios to default and try that . The game runs funny with anything OC’d . If anything it’s worth a try

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I’m having the same problem. COD Cold War launches and plays just fine.

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doesn’t work at all . the game is broken and plz people if you got your game working it doesn’t mean the game is playable , the game is broken and unplayable


Me pasa lo mismo, no puedo iniciar el game y tengo PC sobrada para correrlo. inicio y me reinicia la pc… rx5700 xt y ryzen 5600 x

Same problem, Game won’t load or crashes shortly after launch. Black OPS runs however. No AV and firewall was checked.

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Fixed :yellow_heart:

In Comodo:
advanced protection:
" dont detect shell code injections in these applications"
-> Add the warzone game folder
(where it is installed).


GAME STARTS :slight_smile: