Warzone fix via firewall

Continuing the discussion from CoD Warzone - Will not start the game at all:

OK I’ve had the same issue as everyone out there, Warzone says “playing now” and it will not boot up. I believe I solved the issue for me, try this.

  1. Clean Install, remove all old MW files in Program file 86, don’t just uninstall, remove all traces of the game.
  2. Remove Warzone from windows defender.
  3. Run Warzone from blizzard app
  4. It will start running (did from me)
  5. put warzone back into Windows defender when prompted.

Game is running now and updating shaders, which it has not been able to do for a while. I don’t know if this was the fix, or they finally did something on their end, but it finally booted up when I did this. Hope this helps I know the frustrations were all going through!!!

Game is running!

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