CoD Warzone - Will not start the game at all


I’ve downloaded CoD and when I press Play a new window pops out with character Ghost on it, a white loading line runs below and thats it.

Tried deleting and re-downloading, turning off all the security apps that might have prevented the game from running, deleting half the game and then “Scan and Repair”-ing, nothing helps.

Can you please help me out? Thanks!


Im having the same problem with overwatch, it opens then blackscreens for a few seconds and closes.

Having the same exact problem. Using a Razer Blade Pro 17 w/ a 2080. It’s disappointing I have this powerful device and it can no longer run this expensive game since the release of Warzone. Blizzard better fix this or I want a full refund.

What’s going on ? Warzone have a lot of bugs , when i start playing after 1 min the game close. What are you doing to fix that !!! what a shame !!!


For Call of Duty, Blizzard Technical Support is only able to offer support for install, patch, and connection issues to the Blizzard Application. For issues with launching the game, crashes, or connection issues to the Call of duty servers, please contact Activision Support or refer to the Modern Warfare forums.