Warzone come on

why cant i launch warzone from my pc


i am also having this issue. when i click launch is says playing and the app closes but the game never comes up. have no problem launching cold war though


i have had the same issue it started last night whenever the playlist updated again for season 3


I am having the same issue… any fix???

Same here!!
Heres what i tried to do:

-Reinstalled Battle.net
-Reinstalled Call of duty
-Scann to repair Call of duty
-Updated drivers
-Reinstalled drivers
-checked firewall / added allow to ensure


Yes, I did all those too with no change. This is ridiculous. Glad I bought season 3 to not be able to play :rage:


Seems like every major update comes with huge problems. I can’t play WZ on PC either but I can play it on XBOX ONE. I however still can’t play Modern Warfare on my Xbox since they screwed it up at the end of March. WTF!!

Same here, i just finished the update to be greeted with a bug that disables us from playing mw… not happy.

Same issue here and I am ticked. Apparently at 2 today there’s some big event going on, but this bug keeping me from launching warzone is going to make me miss it. Played till almost 3 last night then I had to quit for a 21GB update. Went to bed, woke up and went to check out what was new with the update and bam, click play and it say’s launching, then playing now, then back to play before the game start window even opens. Idk if this is just a battlenet issue on PC but OMG I’m irate.


Same here… I CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME, don’t laucnh

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Same here, tried a lot - but nothing works :rage:


Same here. I’ve been having this issue right after I downloaded the new update. I tried everything and the game still does not launch. All it says is “now playing” but nothing shows up. I’m so mad right now.

I have the same issue, what are doing with your f… update , please fix it or communic to know wich service block the game.

hopefully they see this and fix their launcher. I am so confused how some people are able to play it (like these streamers) but we have this issue. Makes no sense.

Thank GOD! i’m glad i found this forum…i thought i was going crazy! i’ve literally tried everything! i was seriously about to throw my damn computer out the window lol

i have some other friends that play PC and they got on just fine last night…but it did the exact same thing to me…i’m pretty pissed to say the least

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ya man. Idk why it does not work. such a weird issue

I also tried everything. redownloaded the game, reinstalled battlenet etc etc… nothing works

same man! i’m pissed lol hopefully they get this resolved soon

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Me too, going nuts trying to figure this out! Event going on and can’t play. Please help fix all the things. Hopefully, this gets some traction.

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