Vanguard "Software License Not found"

Not able to get into Vanguard on PC as of May 1st at 8:13 AM EST. it says the following message “Software License not found” I have owned Vanguard since launch and recently played a few days ago as well. Not to sure if there is server issues going on at the moment.


Hey there,

So I looked at the account and do see the license so as long as you are logging into the Desktop Application with the same email you are posting this from, you should have access.

I recommend logging out of the Blizzard app then logging back in. If the issue persists then try changing your password to force an account update. If that does not help, then:

Click support at the top of this page, click contact support and submit a ticket reporting the account issue so a blizzard agent can work with you to resolve the issue. (Account issues cannot be properly addressed via forums)

I am having the exact same issue. I’ve installed the game 4 different times trying to fix it, I’ve restarted my computer, and I’ve logged out of and into multiple times. Overwatch runs fine for me I am only having a problem with Vanguard. I am logged into this same account on and every time I run Vanguard I get the Software License Not Found screen and then forced to shut down the game.

I am having the same issue and am logged into my account with the same email. Have restarted all services. Rebooted PC. Deleted cache folders for all Blizzard,, and COD Vanguard. Still getting license not found. The patch borked it.

Same here, cannot access even after “Scanning and Repairing”.

Same here. Done everything and nothing works.