Vanguard Campaign mode Locked

I cant play Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign mode. It is showing as locked. The base game and campaign is showing as installed in I am playing on PC. I tried uninstalling and downloading again and I could play for sometime and then I quit and tried to resume gameplay today but there was an update and again it is locked. What could be the issue, could someone help me?


I have exactly the same issue. I’d be grateful for any help.

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Same for me, been more than 24 hours since I have been checking. WTH is wrong. This is waste of time, weekend will be over soon.

yes also here, i tried everything its still locked idk why, i think i will ask for a refund if they don’t fix it, i paid 99.99 Euros for nothing

I am facing the same issue …and I got the Ultimate edition !!! This should not be something for us to decipher !!! Why can’t they just keep it simple and fix this asap !!!

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Quick fix: download any additional language and it will work
thanks to Omarhafez13


Guys found the fix…just download any additional language and the campaign will be unlocked. Weird but it works. This is for PC, do not know for console though.

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language fix doesnt work for me also I tried re installing, no luck

I have the same issue CAMPAIGN MODE LOCK. Battle net please address the issue.


I live in Japan and downloading additional Japanese language unlocked the campaign. Weird but it worked!

On November 05, I installed the game and played the multiplier mode without issue and was very fun.

But, unfortunately, Campaign Mode is still locked.

This is what I did but without any progress:

  • Deleted and reinstalled the whole game, “Base Game + Campaign”

  • Went to Modify Install and select campaign and reinstalled again.

  • Signed-out and signed-in Battle.Net

  • Removed Battle.Net and reinstalled it.

  • Reinstalled CON Vanguard.

  • Not resolved yet. Only multiplier and Zombies are active modes.

  • I restarted shaders several time. I noticed compiling shaders pack 1 stuck at 57% all the time after doing above. I think pack 1 is for the campaign and stuck there.

Any thought?

NOTE: I have Warzone and Cold War running perfectly without issue on the same Battle.Net account.


Please explain more here.
Do you mean additional language in Windows 10 or from the game itself?

TheTwizPro , Omarhafez13 and MARCOS all of you are brilliant. it works just now. Let me elaborate more here.

  • In Battle.Net Menu, select Vanduard game.
  • Go to the settings small gear beside “Play”.
  • Select “Modify Install”.
  • Go to default Language. Then change Language.
  • If you selected already English, keep it and just select besides English another language based on you convenient.
  • Confirm and restart Battle.Net
  • You are all set.

Thanks again TheTwizPro , Omarhafez13 and MARCOS for sharing this.

Nope. Adding another language did not help.
I found that launching the game and then clicking “Modify install” in-game would close it and launch it again. After a loooong wait on the “Connecting to Online Services” screen it would pop-up a message that “Connection failed” and still put me in the main menu where the campaign would be miraculously unlocked. But now, even this doesn’t work. I’m stuck on “Connecting to Online Services” indefinitely. SMH… Anybody? This is absolutely ridiculous…


I was playing the campaign just fine after installing the full game for the first time. Then my PC restarted accidentally to install a windows update and then campaign was locked after i ran the game again after the restart. I tried to download additional language as explained above but no luck. Campaign is still locked, very frustrating.


I have tried all the suggestions, even switched of all security software and reinstalled, repaired and language changed. Nothing. I even paid more to get the ultimate edition in th hopes it was missing files from there. Nothing.

This is really making me sad

I have exactly the same issue on my PC with I have all the suggestions to solve the issue, even uninstalled and reinstalled the game several time without any success.
Blizzard, please help us. We paid for a game and we cannot play. Additionally, when we contact Blizzard, no answer, no feedback.
What a waste of money!!


làm sao vậy bác chỉ e với

This has still not been picked up by support… No dev response. Can a games company be so bad!!!

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The computer will freeze when D2R is running
Blizzard ignores players’ problems
No one replied to me.