Uninstall Destiny 2

How can I uninstall Destiny 2? The blizzard launcher doesn’t have the game anymore. Uninstalling it via Windows just goes back to the launcher.

Hey, kyrax1213!

Does the Destiny 2 folder still exist on your computer? If the folder is gone, it is not actually taking up space on your drive. What you are experiencing is a “phantom installation” issue that can happen with any program. It’s when the programs are still listed in the Windows add/remove program section when all the data has already been removed from your system.

The root of the issue is that it is a registry issue. The registry entries are still on your system. Deleting or editing the wrong registry entry can do serious damage to the Windows installation. So please use caution if you go this route.

There are programs that do this for you, like CCleaner, IObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, and so on. These are also out of our scope of support. Please use at your own discretion.