Uninstall Destiny 2

How can I uninstall Destiny 2? The blizzard launcher doesn’t have the game anymore. Uninstalling it via Windows just goes back to the launcher.


Hey, kyrax1213!

Does the Destiny 2 folder still exist on your computer? If the folder is gone, it is not actually taking up space on your drive. What you are experiencing is a “phantom installation” issue that can happen with any program. It’s when the programs are still listed in the Windows add/remove program section when all the data has already been removed from your system.

The root of the issue is that it is a registry issue. The registry entries are still on your system. Deleting or editing the wrong registry entry can do serious damage to the Windows installation. So please use caution if you go this route.

There are programs that do this for you, like CCleaner, IObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, and so on. These are also out of our scope of support. Please use at your own discretion.

I have a similar problem. Destiny 2 is not listed in battle.net, but the game files are still in the battle.net folder. And the game is not listed in the add and remove programs in windows.
How do I properly uninstall this game that was installed via your battle.net app?
I’ve tried to summit this problem via a web ticket, but it does not work - after I click submit the page only scrolls to the top after a while.


Nice, I have a very similiar issue, too. Game’s listed in Windows Controlpanel / Uninstall Programs but can’t be uninstalled. If I click on uninstall a window from Blizzard App opens with an error message (BLZBNTBNU00000006) and a link to a support page with an error code (which is useless). After searching a bit in the support pages I found something about BLZBNTBNU00000006 with a hint to manually uninstall - but this is impossible to do so because Destiny 2 is not shown in Blizzard App - even after searching and finding it with App Settings.

In my opinion, it can’t be the solution to delete the game files in Explorer and do a regedit search for any entry and then hope to find and delete anything.

But according to Can't uninstall Destiny 2 battlenet file the solution is to let the user delete the game files and refer to microsoft support for the rest, since it is a “registry issue”. Well done.


I hadn’t touched Destiny 2 after the first couple times I played but didn’t bother to uninstall it. I just noticed the 85GB folder in Program Files today and wanted to uninstall.

Nope. Windows can’t uninstall it. Battle.Net can’t uninstall it. Blizzard made it impossible to cleanly uninstall Destiny 2 when they removed it from Battle.Net. Deleting the folder and making registry changes would theoretically work, but that’s still not a clean uninstall and could easily leave references behind.


Hey there,

This isn’t something we can really control or comment on, as we are no longer responsible for Destiny 2 on our platform. For help with the Destiny 2 client, please contact Bungie. We no longer have any association with that product.