Can't uninstall Destiny 2 battlenet file

I am unable to uninstall Destiny 2 off of my hard drive. I keep getting the error code : BLZBNTBNU00000006 . I am trying to manually uninstall the game but I am unable to as this error code keeps showing up. This is just a 100gb waste of space at this point. Since Destiny 2 is no longer on battle net there is no option for me to uninstall the game on the app itself.


Hey, ChankyCarlo!

Does the Destiny 2 folder still exist on your computer? If the folder is gone, it is not actually taking up space on your drive. What you are experiencing is a “phantom installation” issue that can happen with any program. It’s when the programs are still listed in the Windows add/remove program section when all the data has already been removed from your system.

The root of the issue is that it is a registry issue. The registry entries are still on your system. Deleting or editing the wrong registry entry can do serious damage to the Windows installation. So please use caution if you go this route.


Actually I have the same issue, except the folder is located on an external hard drive I use for all my games.
Is there a link to like an uninstall program or something we could use to make sure its cleanly uninstalled? Because we still can’t uninstall the blizzard download. I’m not sure if manually deleting whats in the folders will count as an “uninstall”


To uninstall our games from an external drive using the app, you would first need to use the “Locate” option to register the file path in the app. After it’s located you may then use the normal uninstall feature.

Where is the locate option for Destiny 2? It has been removed from the desktop launcher. If I go to other blizzard games that I haven’t installed, I do see the “locate the game” link. But since Destiny 2 isn’t there as a partnered game I can’t do this. I have an 80GB folder that I would like to remove, but since there is no uninstall file there, I can’t remove it from windows control panel


No, the root of the issue is that Blizzard doesn’t supply a way to remove a game that they provided a way to install. If the uninstall was done in “traditional windows fashion” it wouldn’t matter that it is no longer listed in Battlenet. The fact that everything you do is done through your app makes it so when that is gone the ability to actually uninstall a game is gone. Fortunately I am comfortable enough with the registry where I will manually delete the game. However, this has made it apparent that I should not install anything via battlenet that is not an official blizzard game so I don’t have to jump through hoops in the future.


Same issue here. I now show that my computer has 91 GB space taken up by Destiny 2 but cannot uninstall the game itself because it is no longer listed as an option through the Blizzard Battlenet app!!! This is frustrating. I even tried all of the options on the error message and uninstalled and reinstalled and made a new administrator on my windows computer. Now what???


It’s definitely a frustrating situation and understandably so. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and hopefully we can do better in these situations! As for the uninstall, it could be the program or registry being left over. We don’t have a direct uninstaller for these situations, but Microsoft does have an uninstaller, here, that should be able to clear up the stubborn Destiny 2 installation.

This uninstaller is still not working for me as I am unable to locate the product code for Destiny 2.


This uninstaller requires a product key. Solution does not work.


In Control Panel, try uninstalling it and then it should pop open a window ‘User Account Control’, from there click on ‘Show more details’ and the Product Key will be listed there, make sure to include the brackets: {} and the dashes: ‘-’.

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Hey there,

We are not technically able to assist with registry edits. If the game has been uninstalled or deleted manually, but is still showing in the Windows interface, please contact Microsoft for assistance.