Unfair ban after a votekick

Hello, I want to ask European moderators to solve a problem with unfair ban - 2 days ago I was searching for a random dungeon in WoW classic and when I found it (The forge of Souls) which can be cleared in 8-10 minutes I had 2 players afk for 4 minutes, thus someone from other 2 players started a vote to kick afking players, I did accept this, on the next day I got a ban for “abusive chat”. To fully explain this situation I would like to pinpoint that I am a player from Ukraine with a distinguished ukrainian guild name BAVOVNA on a russian server Flamegor (Пламегор) and after attack in Moscow russians are hating us even more, finding each and every reason to mass report us. I assume that these 2 players did ask their friends to report me after a kick (cause they supposed I started kickvote) for a revenge. I sent an appeal for unban, but in response I just got a link for a community agreement without any particular answers behind reasoning of a ban. Please help me with this problem, because it’s utterly unfair. Thx in advance for any help.

A vote kick is not ever going to get you reported or penalized. You litteraly can’t report someone for vote kicking.

That is part of the game. Abusive chat is categorized as profanity, masked profanity, slurs, hateful speech, sexual innuendo, references to some body parts and bodily functions, spam, advertising, etc. Usually the penalty is well after the actual infraction because it takes a bit of time to get reviewed.

This is all you really can do is to appeal it. The forums are not a means to appeal and you won’t get an answer from Blizzard here. The only place you can ask about policy is the WoW CS forum, if you have a US level 10 char. There are no GMs there either though and it won’t get your ticket reviewed any faster.

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I understand that there is no such penalty for votekicking, but they abused(lol) abusive chat mass reports for no reason, there is literally no respond to my ticket because nobody cares if its fair or not.

The wait time for tickets is nearly a week right now. There are many people in line ahead of you. CS supports all Blizzard games, not just WoW.

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if its a week then its exactly the time of my ban, seems very convenient :upside_down_face:


You will want to see the appeal through. Blizzard keeps all records of infractions with the account and any future action will be longer based on your record. If there was an error, you want that black mark removed. Next would be 2 weeks for a future infraction.