Unacceptable Support

I want to start by saying I have been a loyal customer of Blizzard for over 20 years. With that said it is now apparent to me that you do not care about your end users or their experience in your games at all. You don’t need to look any farther then the methods by which you take in Support Requests to see how you really feel about us. Your Support Site is designed in a way that intentionally makes it difficult to submit a request for help for a service that we pay you for monthly. What brought me to your crab trap of a half baked attempt at a support department? I fell through the floor of a DOS key where I was pointed to your “stuck character” functionality. Did this help? No, no it did not. That’s how I was routed into a support system that is purposefully designed to waste my time or have me solve your problems for you by reading your articles. Make no mistake it is YOUR job to fix problems that your developers created and it is also your job to listen to your end user’s complaints. I see now why the game is getting so horrible. You have forgotten who pays your bills. We do and if I pay for a service that multiple other companies give for free I expect it to be of the highest quality and World of Warcraft is not quality. Your developers are too busy making bad systems and ignoring feedback instead of creating a fun, replay able, and reliable game. You have lost my business but I’m sure you wont even notice as I’m one of millions who are running away from your pathetic attempt at doing the bare minimum work and listening possible to drain good people out of their sub money. You all should be ashamed of where you are as a team and start getting back to making something you can be proud of instead of this sad excuse for a game that I used to love.


sad to say i agree with much of this. when a ticket is entered and you see a 6 day response time, it just makes you cringe. and yes the automated system will never have the actual info you need except pointing you to another companies website, AKA wowhead. and only then after you loop around in the system for a while trying to do anything. SMH

If this is for WoW then you need to understand that the GMs are not allowed to give game hints or walk you through things. That is usually when things get pointed to Wowhead so people can first make sure they understand the question/event/raid/whatever.

IF it turns out that whatever you are doing is actually bugged, you would use the in-game report feature to report to QA.

If you have issues with navigating the Support system, or want to know the best way to get help, the WoW Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk. People can help you find the right resources, answer policy questions, explain services, etc.

You may also want to read up on what GMs can and can’t do. That helps prevent you from wasting your time on a ticket when it is something that is handled a different way.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not represent Blizzard or speak for Blizzard in any way.