Unable to receive Shadowlands copy after switching country

I was moved to Kazakhstan.
I’ve provided proof of residence from Kazakhstan, and support kindly changed my region from Russia to Kazakhstan.
Mostly I did it because I’m interested in returning to WoW.
I’ve heard about Return to WoW and Get Shadowlands Free! — World of Warcraft — Blizzard News this promo and want to use it.
I’ve logged into the BattleNet desktop app and saw this gift. Tried to go - was moved to browser (Google Chrome) https://worldofwarcraft.com/ru-ru/news/23840670?blzcmp=app . Got error 500 there. Changing ru-ru part to en-us - switched me to the same newsletter.
Restarting application doesn’t help to get this gift again or see gift icon near notification icon. Please advise, am I touched by sanctions against russian community, even if im proved that now I’m in a different country with a local payment option?

Questioning support (maybe wrong placement of ticket #EU83143582) - GM sent me here. Says purchase failed “due to not having been eligible for the gift at the time of the promotion.” Please advise.

Best regards,

Well, good luck with blizzard support, they’re horrible, i’ve send 3 tickets in 4 days and they didnt answer any, i’m having issues with the shadowlands expansion gift too, but they’re being totally useless.

Are you very very sure you are eligible? If you are, then be aware that the offer will roll out over a week.

To be eligible for the current promotion aimed at past WoW players, you need to do the following on your Battlenet account – which can have up to 8 WoW licenses.

  • At the Bnet account level you need to have purchased one expansion on a WoW license at some point in the past.
  • At the Bnet account level you need to have NOT purchased Shadowlands on any license.

There was also a Blue post that it is rolling out across a week time frame.

Thanks for your reply!
As I’ve seen, I was eligible due to I get a such gift? And after trying to claim it - got an error.
I was playing at wow classic at shadowlands period, but did not have shadowlands.
And if I’m getting it right, it’s “rolling out” as an offer to get, not to try to get - and claim it in a week.