Return to WoW and Get Shadowlands Free!

Two dudes above you beat you to it LOL. Never fails huh.

yeah I don’t think these accounts are getting the boosts. Mine already had the icon before the gift and I couldn’t apply it without buying game time but another one didn’t show up after I claimed the boost.

-Pay money for base game, don’t get level 50 boost

-others get same game for free, gets level 50 boost

Makes sense for people that bought the game to want the level 50 boost as well, They paid money and it might give them something else until next expansion day.

Tbh that seems to be there message honestly has been my main but i did dabble in ffxiv for a bit and ffxiv definitely treats there loyal players far better than blizzard.

Its not entitlement its literally about respecting loyal paying customers thats the problem today is people who just accept the lack of appreciation for loyalty instead of pushing for change or trying to push for a new narrative.

Hello. This promotion has just begun rolling out to a wide range of players. We expect that process to continue for up to a week, and we expect players who qualify to receive the Shadowlands expansion and the Level 50 Character Boost separately at different times in the days to come. They’ll appear in the launcher as options to be claimed.

Thank you for your patience and interest!

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hi kaivax I already have shadowlands on 1 account however I wanted to upgrade the other account which does not to dragonflgiht would that give me shadowlands too with the epic version?

The 2 wow accounts exist under the same bnet ID. Both paid for by me, but one is used by my wife and one by me. They started as separate accounts. I then linked the accounts back when they added the recruit-a-friend functionality, and to simplify the account payment/management. There should be no ToS violation here.

I activate her account when she has time to play occasionally, then deactivate when she’s too busy the other 9-10 months of the year. I usually skip every other expansion for her account. It’s hard to justify buying every expansion when she plays so little.

You guys should have an asterisk indicator that Season 4 has nothing for open world/solo players, that you recently participated in bait and switch tactics to maintain subs and are seriously failing on the promises of more transparency and better communication.


So to be clear. You can’t take advantage of this wonderful offer if you have any game accounts on the bnet account that already have shadowlands. You might have 5 accounts on your bnet and only one has shadowlands currently. If you want shadowlands for one of the other 4, you’re paying full price. This offer is only valid for people returning to Wow who never upgraded any of the game accounts on their Bnet to Shadowlands previously.

I just came back to WoW and bought the SL Expansion less than 5 days ago ( 17th August ) haven’t even started the shadow lands quest chain yet, would I be able to get a refund ?


I need you to understand that you can’t let anyone on your Battlenet account, except one minor child. Your wife can not play under your Bnet account without you risking issues. The restriction is not at the license level, it is at the Battlenet account level.

She can have her own Bnet account and you can even pay for it. But they should be separate.

Hint… you can transfer a license from one bnet to another if they are in the same name. You can also CHANGE the first name without legal documents.

Set up a Bnet in your name, transfer the license she plays on, and change it to her name.

Then you are good.

EDIT that does not mean she qualifies for the promotion, just that you are within the basic account rules.

EDIT EDIT - most pets, mounts, achievements, and heirlooms are at the Bnet account level so she loses those when she moves. P.S. This impacts minors too. They need to be on their own account under your name with parental controls set up. Transfer it to their name when they hit 18.

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So two major questions please help answer these!

1: Last expansion I bought was legion so I should be eligible but i need to know with this free shadowlands promotion does that mean I also get all previous expansions just the same as if I bought shadowlands?

2: Extention of question 1. My girlfriend (Completely separate account) only has base WoW with an active sub… does this mean if I go buy a cheaper previous expansion for her right now, that she will be eligible to recieve shadowlands free thus technically including all previous expansions? Also would it be to late to go purchase an older expansion right now in order to recieve this promo?

oh nice. that’s fantastic. your tellin me if i did’nt pay for SL i could’ve gotten it for free?? well this is a frikkin insult to anyone who bought shadowlands… and considering how insulting shadowlands felt/feels to play, that’s saying something!

To be eligible for the current promotion aimed at past WoW players, you need to do the following on your Battlenet account – which can have up to 8 WoW licenses.

  • At the Bnet account level you need to have purchased one expansion on a WoW license,
  • At the Bnet account level you need to have NOT purchased Shadowlands on any license.

I know that i’m eligible but this doesnt answer my questions at all lol… please answer my questions…?

If your second account is on the same bnet as an account that does have shadowlands, it won’t qualify. If your second account is brand new, then it won’t have a license for any expansion in the past. So it won’t qualify.

I think most of the players who will take advantage of this will be currently playing on non-upgraded accounts. There’s a lot of level 50’s out there in old content.

What they’re trying to do is boost player numbers right now, as so many players are leaving. They probably have data showing that players who are playing but don’t have Shadowlands are less likely to buy and play Dragonflight.

This offer is valid for people who have been playing old content continuously on a level 50 account but have never bought Shadowlands.

Currently any subscriber who has not purchased the current expansion has access to all previous expansions. Licenses are no longer sold separately for each old expansion.


Is there going to be a test on this?

If you just have a subscription to WoW, you get ALL content except the current expansion. This is what is normally done.

This promotion sounds like they are also giving you the current expansion in order to get you back into the game.


Ok so there is no way to get the promo on my girlfriends account who is only level 15 with 0 expansions correct?

Ps:thank you for answering our questions!