Unable to invite friends to Party in Classic Wrath

For some reason I can’t invite my friend to a group no matter what character I am on. I have also tried to send him in game mail and when I put his name it to send, it tells me I may not know this person. We have been friends on battle.net and in Wow for years!
please fix.
Thank you


Having the same problem. Can’t invite outside of lfg or guild. So very irritating! Absolutely hate the having to register for lfg chat. This wasn’t in classic and shouldn’t be here now.

Similar problem in that I cant invite my buddy from the friends list. However, we were able to find each other in game and can then invite when hes my target. Definitely a pain in the butt.

Hey all,

Thanks for reporting this! The dev team is aware of the issue and we’ll be posting updates in the thread below: