Unable to create support ticket or to get a response

I recently attempted to transfer 4 characters from Icecrown to Illidan so far I have spent 772.86 dollars between to accomplish this and it still is not right! The transfer is so confusing an not like it was in the old classic. It should not have cost this much to move 4 characters from alliance to Horde; from Icecrown to Illidan. These Characters are: (Wildterror - it’s ok) (Wilddove- it’s ok) (Samoine - Can’t move or change) (Jolia-Can’t change) Some of this was also to level up characters but still should not cost this much!

Hey Rambo,

You may want to post these issues in the WoW Customer Support forum. Often (not always) a Bliz CS rep can shed some light on what’s going on behind the scenes.