Unable to connect to battle.net

Happens on all realms in Diablo II. Are the servers down?

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yep myself and friends have all got same issue unable to connect to server

eu west east down. asia works.

Europe, US West and US East are down :frowning: … Asia works :frowning: … is this manteinance? does any 1 have an ETA on servers coming up again?

damn, i loved this game 20 years ago and i’m still loving it…

same, d2 lod is TIMELESS. players should come back to play.

and yes, USEAST is down for me.

Also unable to connect… damn

USEast, USWest and Europe definitely down says all of my friends also >.<

this sucks bumming hard atm

just reported this on twitter there going to investigate it

Diablo II Classic - when attempting to connect to US East, US West or Europe Battle.Net, I get:

Asia is OK.

same issue here
all realm seems to be down

Yep. Bnet is down. I can’t get onto us west. It seemed to go down before 3 pm PST.

So… random unconfirmed thoughts that are not based on any facts and just my personal suspicions: If it’s a server reset, classic bnet not letting people know since 2017. It’s around the time for reset so this might be the issue. The other one that scares me is if they took bnet offline for D4 beta server test this weekend. I hope they aren’t planning on cancelling d2 bnet because I still plan to play both.

i just want to play d2 lod…
why do they have to punish people playing legacy.

the server was working great for days, and then suddenly “poof” it’s offline.
i myself am a returning player, i was playing in 2021, though
amazingly i lost that ladder character too.

sad how i forget to log on every 30 days to keep my account ALIVE.
and having to do that is a sad story too, what a rip off, put all that time in, and lose your accounts due to forgetfulness. definitely a broken game.

but i play it anyway, cuz it’s easy to get into, and fun for hours.

So, after all the Representative Support team redirects, the defunct Rust Storm, and the third party program bans for Legacy in the past. . this is what it’s come down to? I think Blizzard’s biggest mistake would be firing the team that actually created it and knew how to fix it right.
I believe the real players who keep it alive need some compensation for all the time we’ve spent here. The apologies for inconveniences are getting old considering all the hoops we jump through and what we put up with to just to play on the realms. Like lifting this garbage inactive account timer and giving us back what we lost from previous characters that have expired. That would be a good start, because if Blizzard is going to hold me accountable as a player; then I am holding them accountable as a company.

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how did you post a screenshot?

All realms are down except the Asian. Unable to connect it says.

This is what I found in the error log:
ERROR GetServersList: gethostbyname failed to get server list (11004)

then legacy is finished, it would seem.
epic games pulled unreal engine 1 products this year too.
just a sign of the times…nothing one can really do.
good game while it lasted. (no i am not buying resurrected)
don’t get me wrong, i own a beautiful pc, but i won’t ever play d2r on it.


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thanks, i was just looking at that post again, just now actually.

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