Unable to connect to battle.net

Still down. Anyone know what’s happening?

Europe still down :frowning:

I wish someone from Blizz would let us know what’s going on exactly.

yeah true enough, it only takes a minute to
1 explain what’s going on with legacy servers at this time…
2 …without releasing too much info on other projects, of course.

Is it still down? It is a shame that blizzard doesn’t care about a part of their comunity… And like i read on a post before… I own a nice decent pc, but i will never play d2r on mine either…

Wouldn’t it be funny if the noise they’ve made about D2r actually brought back many players to D2 LOD instead…

Still nothing, can we get some kind of updates on this Blizzard?


blizzard is all about money… D2R is more profitable than D2:LOD… sadly… and the servers are still down :frowning:

edit: now asia is down (at least for me)

Well then, all realms down could mean reset, I suppose.

at least Asia is back now…

if @blizzard was smart enough to build a store in the game where you can
CASH BUY runewords and other items, then d2lod would be MORE popular.
most of us are buying gear to rush our ladder, no neeed to lie or deny it
that could be DOLLARS that BLIZZARD makes, instead of OBSCURE groups of chinese and korean hackers that you all complain about every season (also stealing the top spots in ladder by doing so) but there wouldn’t be a game economy without some of that going on, so what can you really do? if you can’t beat them, you join them,
or you “copy them” and that’s what blizzard should have done years ago, while moderating the game live, to keep it from growing into the problems it always does over time if left unchecked. a sad world we live in where people don’t go the extra mile anymore. i certainly would pay for a NEW RELEASE of the OLD D2LOD tho, just saying.

that bothers me the most,
america, canada, and all of europe can’t play,

but asia can? certainly shows you “the genghis effect” is real
and times have CHANGED for the worse, for “the rest of us”

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it’s actually a sign of how poor @blizzard, really is

even epic games unreal tournament 1999 still has a master server
and it’s full of 100-400 playable servers, daily.

all that money being made by d2r is nothing compared to what a
real REMASTER of the original d2lod/with a embedded item and rune/runeword store,
would have RAKED in for them. but no it’s just a matter of CARE…observe:
its not very hard to be a game developer [ watch?v=SoR2Ry_KTgk ]
i was making guided rifles before fortnite had guided pistols
and as for running servers, i’ve done that too. @blizzard just “doesn’t care” anymore.

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cash buy itmes makes a game “pay to win”… personally i don’t like that

but you’ll let blizzard lose the money, and buy from those same asian hackers you despise.
yeah like i said, the sooner we all stop playing pretend, the sooner the game can be “something worthwhile” again, no hackers, no offsite stores, just straight ladder rushing.

blizzard never lose money… meanwhile they keep making good entretaining games. and i’m against the “item’s black market” and cheaters in general… i just bought the game a month ago to play again the great game i played 20 years ago and i wanted to play it online, not download some cracked version and play singleplayer… i even told some friends at the office i work to buy it too and we started playing toghether.

all that said: i hope the realms get back up ASAP, 'cause i wanna keep playing :stuck_out_tongue:

also don’t forget, even if you don’t, other guys are sliding right buy you,
after a couple well placed purchases
that and the bot chant games, there is no being on the bottom
(besides being below the same bots doing the rushing)
and everyone is in on that, the moment that all goes, the game dies.
unless of course, blizzard stepped in and took care of those events and kept the money for themselves, then the game would GROW, and EXPAND, people would come back not fearing bans, or having to compete with bots every season, etc.

under 2 weeks in, i’m almost 94
and i have the godliest v/t hybrid in the game :smiley:

i have a 80 lvl sorceress and was starting a barb from scratch… the problem is now that i’m 41 and have a job, wife and son, don’t have the time i had when i played it when i was 20, lol.

what a kick in the face, this is though, from blizzard.

i quit FORTNITE to play d2lod again, cuz honestly i miss it every time i quit.

it’s a fun easy game to play, and dueling is straight forward, and it’s easy to sort the legit from the cheese, all of that combined keeps you interested, specially when you know what to build, every season. (it’s always a hard choice when it comes time to choose/build my merc) but i always settle on a bowmerc with phoenix/dragon/coa :smiley:

how about you? :smiley: my v/t build is smite/foh with charge/zeal backup skills
and the smite and foh are perfectly balanced out, when i wear grifs/soj along with hellfire/anni/skillgcs. so nice to have a 3k smiter/3k foh’er/6k zealer-charger