Unable to connect diablo 2

Hi there,
I,ve recently installed my D2 which i bought in 2012/2013… Ive played a whole day.
And after that ive been unable to connect to servers… Its been 2 days since i cant connect…
Ive tryed every solution, tcp, dns, reinstalling game disconnecting the modem 2 mins, everything…
Im thinking maybe i got restricted o something, can someone help me please?

same here … “Unable to connect”

I am also unable to connect. “You were disconnected from battle.net. Please reconnect,”

You were IP banned like thousands of us for no reason and they aren’t doing anything about it

Wait ? What ? My keys are legit, got an old cd, but I even buy on the Battle net an other key … Why those ban ?

how did you establish that folks were permanently banned?