Ukrainian localization

Hello, Blizzard!

My name is Andrii, I’m from Ukraine. The population of my Homeland is over 43 million people, nearly 37 millions of them are Ukrainian (near 5 millions live in other countries).

Video Game industry is very popular in Ukraine. Different generations of people from teens to grown adults love playing games. But there is something else we love more - playing games in our native language. Unfairly, we don’t have such a privilege.

This topic is extremely important for us now as we have to fight for our borders, for our language, for our culture, for our freedom.

I ask you to hear us, I ask you to do fair things. I ask you to use a translation of your games in Ukrainian language.

We understand that it’s not easy and it cannot be done quickly. We are ready to work for it step by step. And the first step is a translation of the app.

Please see my translation of the app attached below, which can be already used.

Ukrainian people love Blizzard for your games, but if the dream of Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone in Ukrainian becomes a reality, you could feel our double respect and we would be very grateful.

P.S. If I missed anything in my translation – please inform me, I’ll correct it.


Тiльки за!
Та змiнити валюту на нормальну, українці ніколи не платили і не будуть платити в рублях, ми платимо або в гривнях, або в доларах, або в євро!


Please, answer something :slightly_smiling_face:

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This isn’t the channel for feedback on localization, so you’re unlikely to see any response to this request here.

Please use their accessibility channels instead.

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Thank you, for your answer, but accessibility sending me to support :expressionless:

You emailed them at the address on that page?

Yes, and the answer was

The email address “” is for players with disabilities to provide accessibility feedback for Blizzard games and products. Blizzard Support does not monitor, manage, or respond to emails sent to that address.

If you need Blizzard Support to help with an issue, please visit our support site.

Okay, I guess I misunderstood their definition of accessibility, or that they only meant it in the physical sense of the word. Not having something in your native language seemed like it would qualify. Because of the answer, I recommend re-making this thread here:

That would probably be the proper category, since they are requesting that you use the forums. The reason I recommend you make a new thread is so this discussion we’ve had doesn’t distract from the topic.

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Thank you for helping us, I really appreciate your kindness. I’ve already created a topic at feedback Discussion: Ukrainian localization.


Blizzard, ukrainian people want a translation into Ukrainian. Another option is to allow those players who do not know the English language well to play on the Russian client on English-speaking servers, as is possible in the USA.
Blizzard, aggression and bullying are present on Russian WoW servers towards Ukrainians, Georgians, and other nationalities. The requirement to play in the language known to us on Russian servers has become unbearable in recent years!