Typing this from a friend’s name

Hello everyone, I’m posting about a friend, because her both accounts has been banned and can’t make topic in the forum. Sorry if this isn’t the place, but I don’t know where to search help since the blizzard support isn’t helpful.
The following problem is my friend got banned on her main account a few days ago for “cheating” (which she never does), she appealed a few times, but the response was automaticly no helper.
Then she moved on and made new account which she started leveling and litteraly 3 days after she got banned again for “cheating”?
The only thing she did was to level up + proffs + quests + random dungs.
I also should mention that the whole guild is helping her with the leveling another account to join us at raids as fast as possible. Some of us mailed her 100-2000g, so is it possible Blizzard detect it as gold trading?
Is it possible that its her IP address is the problem, because her service provider uses dynamic IP addresses? But if that’s the case she’s been playing without problems past 6 months.
She is looking for a Blizzard HUMAN Support to work together to fix this.

Yes, that is certainly possible. Esp if the gold people sent her was illicitly farmed or obtained through gold laundering.

She gets a human when she puts in a ticket. They review the flags on the account, and verify the account was indeed flagged. Then they send a template response with a pre-formatted and approved message. Blizzard does not engage in live chats for appeals, and never has intended for them to be used that way.

No, that is not it. That can trigger a security lock on an account, but the user just has to reset their password from their new location/hardware. That security pop up does not usually even happen if they have an Authenticator on the account.

The forums are not the way to appeal though, as I think you know. There are no GMs on the forums. If she has more questions about the overall process. the WoW Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk. There are Forum Support Agents and regulars who can explain the appeals process, explain policies, etc. Keep in mind that Blizzard will only really deal with the account holder with regard to account info. If all you want is to confirm a ticket is properly filed, a char-server name gives them all the info they need to know to find her accounts.

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