Trouble logging in today after work

I try to log in and it says character not found on every one of my toons.

I also am having that issue was so excited to come home from work and check it all out now I am bummed.

Me to all the characters , not found error

Yep…same… I wasn’t going to say anything negative, but forum is holding me to 20 chars. SO… uhm… Hey blizz… maybe we should have delayed it till 2021… we all know 2020 is a bust

Same issue here. I managed to log in to a character that had recently been transferred over from another server, but then the server went down and I got kicked out and now it says it can’t find the character.

After much excitement only to have my character not found, my server offline, having to download a pre- patch to the patch download and still having characters offline…and not able to play, I am going to bed, in hopes this will be a much less disappointing WoW day tomorrow.
Have a great night everyone

We have a main thread here tracking these reports, let’s move the discussion over here:

For anyone experiencing this problem on EU region, please refer to the EU WoW forums. Closing this thread so we can continue the discussion on the main threads.