Temporary Restrictions - Various

I play on east and I haven’t been able to get on in over a week and still having problems

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Hey. What is the message that you see while trying to log on?
And, are you able to log in on any of the other realms? Or, do you get the exact same message.


yeah. I cant get into any other realms and everyone says the same message

the message says battle net is not responding try again in a few minutes

Appreciate the update. Can you tell me though why i still can’t log in? :frowning: at least send a message if i’m banned or something, because i check everyday and nothing. I did make the mistake of using a VPN when i read the possible solutions that blizzard support gives in the temp restricted issue, and one was to change your IP, so i did the first thing that came to my mind, which was a VPN (my bad for not having read first that you shouldn’t do that, but it was what i understood from the solution the website gives. Plus, it was from the server malfunctioning in the first place).

If all the realms are giving you the same message, it is most likely a temp time out. As you have been unable to log in for a week, it may be one of those notorious 20 or so day time outs. I highly suggest not having friends try to log in to your accounts as their accounts, cdkeys, and IP may also get flagged for a temp time out, too.

You’ll just have to be patient. I know the new ladder season is soon. So, just get yourself psyched for the new ladder. Sorry, that there is not much else that I can do to help.

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From what I have read others share about mistakenly logging in while their home VPN was on, it is a 20+ day time out. I do not think that there is any way around that. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I wanted to confirm most of what iWasn’tThere was saying. You both are temporarily restricted from the server. It is a 2 week suspension rather than a 20+ day suspension, however. You can see a list of temporary restrictions and our policy/rationale for them at this link.

We don’t have access to exact reasons for why the restrictions on your IP addresses exist, but iWasn’tThere is correct that VPN use is the #1 cause.


Thanks for the info (and IWasn’tThere as well). It must be that, because i definitely did try a VPN. I must say though, i didn’t do it with any intention of doing something wrong, i just read my case there (didn’t continue to read all the other reasons, but using a VPN is there so i can’t blame anyone but myself). I just hope it ends soon, can’t remember when it started but i guess it’s been more than a week now, so i guess any day soon it’ll be good.
Can you confirm something for me? If someone logs into my account on their pc and with their internet, do they really get temporarily restricted as well?

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Hey, LeoRobledo! For the question, it generally should not happen, but it’s definitely possible that they could have applied the restriction. It depends on the restriction itself and how it was applied. A common problem to occur is shared IP where the restriction is applied to the IP address itself, so if a shared household runs into this issue, everyone would be impacted. It could also be that something on that list could have caused the temporary restriction as well.


Thanks for the quick reply! Is there any way to know the cause? I mean, i’m assuming it was trying the VPN, so if that were the case, would it be two weeks? And also, would that mean that the other IP get’s restricted two weeks from the time they logged on my account?

or if ur like me u log in from a hotel and receive this ban …because people who travel for work …well screw them broken system needs fixed

Hey is there anyway to know how many days i’ve got left until i can play again? I think the 2 weeks should be up any time now, but i’m not even sure when all of this happened lol

Your restriction expires tonight, just make sure you’re not doing anything at the link above and you should be able to play by tomorrow.

Is it possible for you to check on mine too? I was told I had a 2 week ban and it has been 2 weeks but I still can’t get on. I am not using my vpn or anything that could get me banned by your list.

Hey, unholyxangel! It looks like the restriction is set to expire tomorrow later in the afternoon/evening. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like the restriction was refreshed/renewed so it should be good in a day or so :slight_smile:

Hey guys looks like I hopped on with my Nord running and have been trying various fixes. I am not trying to make things worse. Could you please give me a confirmation and date for me as well, so I don’t further the ban?

From what I have read in the responses from the mods, a VPN ban is a 2 week suspension. So, just be patient 'til the ban wears off. If you want to be ready for the new ladder no matter what, the only course available: new cdkeys, new accounts, and a virgin, as in not flagged, home ip. Do not log into any of your old accounts nor accidentally use a flagged home ip with your new cdkeys.

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So far I have only downloaded D2. I was wanting to test things before I hopped on LOD. Do you think if I purchase LOD for the first time and hop on without a VPN it would work? Or only ban the new key attached to the banned D2 account?

Cut ties with old accounts, old cdkeys, and any ip which were flagged.

Or, wait 'til the ban is lifted. To me, the latter, as in wait for the ban to be lifted, is the most legit and safe way. Yet, you will be late for the ladder. You will have fun playing even if late.

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