Temporary Connection Restriction

I understand that I’m on a temporary connection restriction. However, is there a way to determine how long temporary is? The support ticket I logged indicated 24 hours, but I am beyond the 24 hour window. So I would assume 48 hours? 2 weeks? Would someone be able to give me a date so I don’t keep attempting to login each day?


Hey Skaha,

When you say the ticket indicated 24 hours, do you mean that was the estimated wait time for an answer, or that the ticket was answered and the agent said the restriction was 24 hours?

As for the temporary play restriction, the length depends on the cause. If it was from using a business class IP or using a VPN, the restriction is 14 days from the last connection attempt while using those network types.

This is not a way to do business. We paid to play these games and you’re blocking us from doing so. Us legitimate players just want to play these damn games and these stupid IP restrictions you have screw us over ALL THE TIME. I speak for literally thousands of people when I say battle.net needs to step its god damn game up with this crap.

Understand that when playing D2, you are playing on the legacy Battlenet which was superceded over a decade ago.

When choosing to play an end of life game on an end of life game service, you are choosing to use them with all their outdated technologies, security sysyems, code base, etc. You are choosing to use them as they are.

Thus, the restrictions are not there just to block people from playing; they exist for very specific security and stability reasons.

Sorry for the delayed reply, the initial email mentioned I should check back in 24 hours. Since then I have checked back each day (about 4 days now) and I’m still getting temporary restriction. I’m “assuming” its the 2 week ban, I’m just unsure and was hoping to at least get a date that I can get back without having to check every day.

Additionally, do you know if this is an IP ban or a CD-Key ban? One of my friends was able to log into my account, but I’m unable to do so via my phone hotspot so I’m guessing its some combination of both? It’s more of a question of understanding the nature of the ban since the in-game error does not provide a lot of clarity.


Yeah, unfortunately there’s no indication as to what causes them and for how long they are.

Usually when asking Support about a restriction, they’ll give you the exact duration. Try resubmitting and explicity ask for the duration/time remaining.

As for the type of restriction, different actions have different restrictions. The only two that I know about for sure are VPN use and business IP use. Both of those are IP restrictions so using a different IP will allow players to connect. (Here’s a list of the prohibited behaviors.)

Something to watch out for with VPNs/business IPs is, during a restriction, don’t accidently try to connect while using those. It will reset the timer back to the full 14 days.