TBCC API Preview

Greetings adventurers!

We know there has been a lot of interest in what exactly our plan is for API support for The Burning Crusade Classic. I am excited to finally be able to share some plans with you that we are looking to move forward with quickly.

Arena Leaderboard APIs

We are planning the release of the following APIs with similar structure to the retail WoW endpoints:

  • PvP Seasons Index
  • PvP Season
  • PvP Leaderboards Index
  • PvP Leaderboard
  • PvP Rewards Index

We intend to have these released to support Arena Season 1.

Auction API

We understand the value community has for auction data, and while we don’t presently have plans to add support for Classic Era realms at this time, we are planning to release an Auction API for TBCC Progression realms. This API should match the existing structure for the retail WoW endpoint:

  • Auctions

PTR Preview

We understand this is an extremely tight window to work on updates for TBCC launch and Arena Season 1, so we want to support your efforts with a preview of the new APIs on the Public Test Realm targeting a release next week. I’ll update this thread with information once the preview APIs are live, or if there is any deviation to this plan.

Outside of support for Arena and Auction data, you can expect TBCC to offer the same APIs supported for Classic. At this time, we have no plans to support public character profile or guild APIs.

Our community developers are a critical part of what makes the World of Warcraft amazing. Thank you for your patience and the continuous time and energy you put into supporting our players.


Auction API

We understand the value community has for auction data, and while we don’t presently have plans to add support for Classic Era realms at this time, we are planning to release an Auction API for TBCC Progression realms. This API should match the existing structure for the retail WoW endpoint

This is great news!

Hi there,

Thanks a ton for the great new and I love to see both Auction and Arena endpoints, so thanks a ton!:slight_smile: Next stop character data for character profiles:P

Sadge for profile and guild APIs :disappointed: :pensive: :cry:

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This is great. Releasing the least popular feature (auction) while ignoring the most popular one (raid progression).
Raid progress was the reason Blizzard released first version of the API years ago, sadly current developers aren’t realizing this, playing it’s own developer game.

Just look at google trends starting from 2010:
Jan 2010
wow auction 8
wow progress 45
Feb 2010
wow auction 9
wow progress 71
Mar 2010
wow auction 11
wow progress 59
Apr 2010
wow auction 8
wow progress 65
May 2010
wow auction 10
wow progress 50
Jun 2010
wow auction 13
wow progress 44
Jul 2010
wow auction 12
wow progress 36
Aug 2010
wow auction 11
wow progress 37
Sep 2010
wow auction 11
wow progress 31
Oct 2010
wow auction 11
wow progress 26
Nov 2010
wow auction 11
wow progress 24
Dec 2010
wow auction 14
wow progress 64
Jan 2011
wow auction 11
wow progress 90

so “value”

What’s 2010/11 got to do with anything that was ICC/Cataclysm?

What has 2010 and 11 to do with anything?
Just take a look at how popular Bootybaygazette, TheUndermineJournal along with TSM has been throughout wows history.
I understand you want raid apis as well, but I dont think the auctionhouse API is useless at all!

Ttry to compare following search terms on google trends (2004 - present):
“the undermine journal”
“wow progress”

I’m not against auction data API, but these words are ridicilous:

The action data value is nowhere as high as raid progress.

If you are interested in raid progress, you are far more likely to look up warcraftlogs instead of the armory. Uploading your logs after a guild raid is pretty much standard nowadays in every WoW version. However, realm-level auction house data is not something that can be easily supplied by the community.

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For raids most people look up wowprogress. The traffic hasn’t changed much since WoTLK.

WoWProgress has been dying steadily, being replaced by better tools like raider io or warcraftlogs rankings

Alexa ranks WCL #1658, raider io #3155 and wowprogress #17808

but yea, “most people” use wowprogress LUL

We already have raid progress data on WCL, which is constantly supported and used by a huge portion of the community in both versions of the game.

Auction data wasn’t officially supported, we had to depend on the not ToS automation done by BBG or the TSM data shown by Nexushub.

That’s your perception, not confirmed by google analytics.
The other sites gained popularity due to M+ development, pumped by tournament money and loot.

Have fun on your way to paywalled website monopoly, happened to HS.
– title –
– premium – -- premium – -- premium –
– premium – -- free data–
– premium –
Here you are, your future.

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Based on feedback, some changes have been incorporated into the preview:

  • Unique team identifier added to the leaderboard API
  • Leaderboard API updated so that members.character.playable_class is reflected properly
  • Additional Auction API item data exposed as “item.rand” for item suffixes, and “item.seed” for unique ID
  • An issue resolved that could result in some leaderboard entries missing member data

Other callouts:

  • Connected Realm API updated to remove some internal realms
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Is there any reason for this? Currently I feel the armory functionality is the most important feature we are currently lacking. While auction data is great. Being able to get player character through profile API and general armory functional would allow for a lot usefull guild management tools.

I was also looking forward to that the most, really hope they change their mind on that.

Yep, waiting for profile APIs :upside_down_face:

Is there going to be documentation for this API like we have for retail? Also when exactly will these be available? I know you mentioned release of Arena Season 1, but that is on Tuesday. Are we able to use these endpoints now for PvP Leaderboards etc?

Apologies for the late reply. Documentation was pushed for these updates yesterday and an announcement went out earlier today. Please note the Auction and PvP Season APIs are only valid for Burning Crusade Classic (not for Classic Era realms).

Typically, updates will go out after maintenance in all regions, but this may be dependent on any issues that arise during release. As season 1 has officially started in all regions, you should be able to use the endpoints now.