TBCC API Preview Release for Beta Realms

Lok-Tar Ogar!

We have released an API preview of the following APIs on The Burning Crusade Beta realms. As this is a preview, we are not updating the official API documentation yet, but the following endpoints should be available for evaluation as part of the World of Warcraft Classic APIs using a valid access_token and the namespace “dynamic-classic-beta”:

Arena PvP Season API

Auction API

(available alongside the existing connected-realm APIs for connected-realm ids: 4618, 4619, 4620)

Feedback is welcome so please let us know if you run into any issues or unexpected behavior.


Will there be Armory/Profile endpoints? I remember the Armory came out with TBC, so I hope this will be supported.

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Hello @Korakk

Thank you very much for these endpoints :slight_smile:

2 things for these 3 endpoints:

  • /data/wow/pvp-season/1/pvp-leaderboard/2v2
  • /data/wow/pvp-season/1/pvp-leaderboard/3v3
  • /data/wow/pvp-season/1/pvp-leaderboard/5v5

First point:
There is a small error on the character classes. For each team members, their playable_class.id is always 0.

playable_class: {
	key: {
		href: ".../data/wow/playable-class/0?nam..."
 	id: 0

Second point, I have a request:
Is it possible to add a technical id for arena teams? This is much better for searches than using the name.

	entries: [{
		faction: { ... },
		rank: 1,
		rating: 1500,
		season_match_statistics: { ... },
		team: {
>>>			id: XXXXX
			name: "yes sir",
			realm: { ... },
			crest: { ... },
			members: [ ... ]
	}, ...]

Thank you very much for your work! :grinning:

Nope. ______________

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Boo -_- lol

Equippable items are missing the suffixID and uniqueID fields, which are necessary to determine which random enchant they have. Example:


Since that’s a randomly-enchanted item, it should have the suffix field telling us it’s “of the Owl” (or whatever ID it really has) and the unique ID field (which helps us determine the scaling of the “of the Owl” values).

I forget if you can auction items with socketed gems or if socketing a gem makes the item soulbound.

TL;DR: light up as many things as you can in an itemstring and make sure they carry over to the API output when the item’s in the auction house. Some fields (like suffix IDs and unique IDs) aren’t used in Shadowlands anymore so they might be missing in this API if you just copied whatever they’re using nowadays.

I was sitting there yesterday evening thinking if I missed something. But yes the suffixes are really important for classic/tbc etc as almost every item has suffixes.


On this endpoint :

A team named “dqhwy hi” have no faction and no member.

>>  faction missing
    rank: 1194,
    rating: 1108,
    season_match_statistics: { ... },
    team: {
        name: "dqhwy hi",
        realm: { ... },
        crest: { ... },
>>      members missing

Is it a disbanded team?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this going live before launch?

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When are these going live?

Regarding the leaderboard endpoints, it’d be great if we can get the team id in the response, as well as the gender of each character in the team’s members array.

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I hope they will add this data. It would be really useful!