Support can't read a ticket?!

Made a ticket about the problem with adding payment details, website freezes at the point where I should choose to use “credit card” or “Paypal”. Clearly explained that in a ticket.
In response I’m getting absolute pile of garbage information about the fact that " my money wasn’t going anywhere as payment has been canceled"
Wrote again and said taht you didn’t got what the problem is about… And guess what? Got another pile of sh*t info that completely not relied to my ticket…
So I were forced to write another time (with a bit more rage and CAPS LOCK to highlight the problem) and finally I’ve got a response that is relied to the problem… So I’ve spent !!!3 days!!! just to put into GMs head what’s wrong with the website…

The only question I would like to ask - are the managers intentionally trying to hire people with IQ below 20? Or they simply just do not care?

The IQ is above 20. However the system is totally overwhelmed right now with tickets. Some get dumped into a bucket with a semi automated or template response. It is NOT ideal or good, but that is what is happening as a first line response to some tickets.

The folks who take tickets do so for every single Blizzard game and service. It got bad when they all had to work from home with limited resources AND the active player base for games overall increased.

Then we have a major WoW patch that went out the other week which was a HUGE huge huge game change and came with some issues. Add on a major ban wave + appeals, COD purchase refund requests, Shadowlands refund requests, etc. They are just really busy.

The website issue is odd though - I put in a payment method today and did not have any issues using Firefox latest update.

Do you already have other payment methods in there? Did you try removing the current ones before adding a new one? Try a different browser?

When there are payment website issues we normally see them on the Customer Support forum for WoW but I don’t really see any.