Still able to send messages despite being blocked

Hi all,

Much to everyone’s dismay as a friend group of mine and I have departed, I was clearing out some old messages in my desktop chat client and accidentally fat fingered the keyboard, To wich both of us were able to discover, Despite the fact that we are unfriended and blocked vice versa, Both parties were able to still send messages too eachother on the client

Kinda seems like a bit of a bug and kind of inconsistent, Figured i’d drop a line here and say this is potentially unintended?

So for example if you (lets say me) Raven#xxxxx is friends with James#xxxxx and at some point we decide to no longer be friends and part ways, If you leave the ‘direct message’ open from at-least one person, You can still message them and bypass any friend/ignore/safety features in the client.

So let’s say I close the direct message but James does not, James can send me a message wich re-opens the chat and vice versa.

This is exactly the right place to report the bug for the Bnet Desktop app. Thanks for adding in the details. That should help the QA and devs out.

For reference to anyone else reading, there is a bit more discussion of it in the WoW CS forum.

We probably won’t ever hear anything directly, but hopefully it makes it to the right folks who can decide if this is really app behavior they want happening.