Accidental dodging of ignore policy?

Hi Cs forum.

A group of friends and myself recently decided to part ways on a relatively friendly manner, leaving shared discord servers, blocking eachother and moving on with things as appropriately.

While going through the old ‘chats and groups’ thing on, I managed by fatfingering a keyboard while closing old chats to discover that Despite being removed/blocked on both ends, I am still able to send and recieve messages from said friends group and vice versa.

While I did file a bug report on the forums (those are dead) Are there any expected repercussions I should worry about here as this was clearly unintentional.

As long as ur not breaking any language rules and this was a one off you will be fine.

No, Not that I am aware of, The messages that were sent was ‘2’ and ‘32’ that was it before I closed the chat group itself, As I said, It was a bit of a fat finger and nothing more, Though It certainly seems odd that such a capacity to send messages exists on the desktop platform

Then i wouldnt worry about it.

None-the-less I figure I would check in regardless.

None. You won’t get in trouble nor will they.

I learned this only recently, but the Chat room functions don’t require you to be on the friends list of people in them. Normal Bnet direct chat does require being friends. The chat rooms do not.

They were designed to let people be dragged in for PUGs and such. For temp use. With the idea that those who don’t want to be contacted through that chat group, would leave the chat group.

The person who set up each of those groups may want to close them and set up new ones with the people they prefer in them.

I did see your other thread, but you are right, those forums get read, but rarely replied to.


I was a little unclear, I mean we are still able to send direct messages to eachother as-well, So long as it is done through the desktop client and ONLY the desktop client, Everything else seems to function as accordingly but the desktop client doesn’t seem to care.

as in so long as you were friends at a level at one stage, And had an open direct message with eachother, Once you are no longer friends, You are still able to message eachother provide you don’t close the ‘direct message’ window.

The Desktop client is separate from the in-game friends lists. You would have to make sure to remove the person from your Bnet client friends list too.

AH! So that is how it happened. What an unexpected find! It sounds like an oversight in that removing a friend does not close the past chat window AND it can still be used to send messages. I get why they would not auto close it, as some people want access to the history to review it/screenshot, etc.

Yeah, I would actually consider that a minor bug. It means the user has to close the current open Direct Message chat window after removing the friend to completely shut communications off.

Of course, I don’t work there, and the Battlenet team who actually codes the app does not come to the forums. If you have not already, be sure to add that last part to your bug report thread - edit your post in it to add it. That should make it very clear to the Bnet team what you experienced.


I’ve edited it in, But still, I can’t help but be cautious around an 18 year old account since blizzard does take ignore dodging seriously and this is technically dodging even if unintentional.

I would not worry about that at all. From what I understand:

  • The previous direct chat window was still open
  • You accidentally entered random letters in it
  • You and the other person remarked it was odd (I think that is what you said?)
  • You closed the chat window which can’t be opened again because you are no longer friends.
  • You reported the bug.

Blizzard has all that chat logs. They can see the difference between cat on keyboard message and someone harassing another person intentionally.






on the forums in the bug report section

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We do, something like that falls under Ongoing Harassment, but it would need to be reported as such by someone who felt that you were harassing them, or vice versa.

It definitely is an interesting situation, but if you’ve removed them as friends and have stopped communicating, there shouldn’t be any issues, especially if no one is reporting the behavior as harassing.


I don’t think It would be harrassing myself, But if you do get a free moment, Feel free to sling the bug report the devs way, Sometimes these things do slip under the rug when it comes to big platforms since it’s not something most would think of.

Have a good day everyone, Or night~

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Vrak doesnt send bug reports thats up to us to use the ingame bug report or tge bug forums.

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Already taken care of and posted in the right place. They had done that before coming here. All good. It is a bit of an odd behavior for the app and probably not intended behavior. I am also really glad it was mentioned, because I could see it coming up in CS tickets related to Ongoing Harassment that people might file. CS awareness is good in this case, even if they don’t pass on bug reports.

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