StarCraft II static achievements data broken

I am trying to use the static achievement data (/sc2/static/profile/:regionId ) returned by the StarCraft II Community APIs to map the earned achievements in a profile (/sc2/profile/:regionID/:realmID/:profileId) to a name, description, icon, and so on. I am testing with my own profile, and comparing what I’m getting from the API with what the game client shows me. The easiest way to compare is with the achievement showcase on the summary of achievements page.

This used to work; I have copies of the static data I downloaded during development, and the static data was correct as of 2020-12-14 and 2021-01-11. However, now, and as long ago as 2021-05-24, the achievement data is wildly incorrect. (I don’t have any copies saved from in between those times.)

Some achievements are unchanged, but others have the wrong ID, and still others seem to be non-achievements. The static data is too big to post here, but I’ve created a gist of the old and new static data, along with a few examples in the description:

This incorrect data is also visible on the website, again most easily checked with the achievement showcase when viewing an individual profile. There are other issues with the website, and the main issue described in that thread of the achievements tab of the profile pages being broken is unresolved, but I think this is a distinct and separate issue from that bug report.