StarCraft II League API for Korea is down for current season

Season 45 does not work for KR, returns:

  "code": 404,
  "type": "BLZWEBAPI00000404",
  "detail": "Not Found"


Any update on this? It is still a problem.

Bump. This is still broken, please fix this issue.

bump, please fix kinda makes worried now that sc2 is in maintenance mode.

It is over a month since the original post, and Blizzard has not acknowledged this issue. I doubt they have even read this thread. Do they even know this is happening?

Still not working. Could please at least take a look?

Bump? What is going on?

Really hope this can get addressed at some point.

plz fix api!!! no one maintainning sc2 anymore?

bumped, 3rd party sites suched as sc2unmasked and rankedftw are vital to the scene, thousands come to compare world rankings and track progress, pls fix.

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What is going on? …

Any update on this? Looking for stats on Korea to compare.

Bumping post, please fix Blizzard