StarCraft II API stale data / teams mmr thresholds


After the successful implementation of the API fix due to the previous post on the issue by Irri, it has been noted that the API is still experiencing some issues. Here is a list compiled by Nephest. Links have been removed due to inability to post links here.

Problem: The KR ladder endpoint returns stale data. The stats(like mmr and games played) and member list are not updated.

Example: the player with /profile/6056956/1/llllllllllll profile has 6883 mmr and 10 games, while their actual stats are 6936 mmr and 18 games atm.

Problem: KR league endpoint returns stale league ids.

Example: the API returns max KR ladder id as 75523, while the actual max ladder id is 75525 atm.

Problem: League endpoints return stale ladder ids for season 45.

Example: does not contain ladder id 295688, but you can fetch that ladder from. You can also see a valid league key in the response: league_key":{“league_id”:2,“season_id”:45,“queue_id”:201,“team_type”:0}

Additional data: missing ids(approximate):

US 295688 - 295939

EU 233768 - 234027

KR 75280 - 75316

Problem: US mmr thresholds for 2v2 are invalid

Example: Diamond3 mmr range is 3600-3840, and Masters1 mmr range is 4421-4548. The thresholds are disconnected and there is a huge rating gap between them, which makes it very hard to promote to masters.

Game client bug: the game client will show 0-0 league tier mmr threshold if the player has an mmr in 3840 - 4421 range.

Please advise when this issue has been officially noted and being explored.

Thank you for your continued support for the API, and receptiveness to feedback.



I’m not a tournament organizer or developer myself but I would like to ask someone over there at Blizzard to look into this issue and get the API working for the sake of our small but dedicated scene. Please help out some of your most loyal customers.


Adding relevant pieces of JSONs

Stale ladder bug

The player with /profile/6056956/1/llllllllllll profile from

      "rating": 6883,
      "wins": 10,
      "losses": 0,
      "ties": 0,
      "points": 432,
      "longest_win_streak": 10,
      "current_win_streak": 10,
      "current_rank": 3,
      "highest_rank": 100,
      "previous_rank": 0,
      "join_time_stamp": 1612184353,
      "last_played_time_stamp": 1612284491,
      "member": [
          "legacy_link": {
            "id": 6056956,
            "realm": 1,
            "name": "llllllllllll#13526",
            "path": "/profile/6056956/1/llllllllllll"
          "played_race_count": [
              "race": {
                "en_US": "Terran"
              "count": 10
          "character_link": {
            "id": 6056956,
            "battle_tag": "메구#31309",
            "key": {
              "href": ""

while their fresh stats from are


You can see that the player has already changed their division from 75512 to 75522, but the /data/ endpoints do not return this information.

Absent ladder bug headers

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
  "league": {
    "league_key": {
      "league_id": 2,
      "season_id": 45,
      "queue_id": 201,
      "team_type": 0
    "key": {
      "href": ""

This ladder is absent in league

League Tier bug

US 2v2 arranged masters 3 tier


US 2v2 arranged diamond 1 tier


I’m really glad many of the API issues got fixed, i hope this gets fixed soon (not soon™)

As someone who plays small tourneys and teams for fun, would like to see this resolved :slight_smile:

Bumpppppppppppppppppppp. Yes, it’s a complete sentence.

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Would be great to see the API continue to stay fixed :slight_smile:

Please Bliz, if we could just get a little focus on the API so your amazing, passionate community can continue to thrive, it would be appreciated.

Can I piggyback a request to add the in-game chat log to the Client API? So you could go to http://localhost:6119/game or /chat to see the last X chat messages (only the all- and ally-chat that gets recorded in replays). Would be useful for EU customs and region hopping (for machine translation).

I hope this get fixed soon.

Hello all,

Thanks for the reports and the information shared. Our Starcraft 2 team is aware and investigating.

It may take some time to fully investigate and resolve these due to the nature of the problem, but they will definitely be working on it. We appreciate the heads up!



Is there any update on where things stand with this issue?

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Hello again,

It’s been a little over two weeks now. Has any progress been made on this issue?

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