StarCraft 2 US and EU endpoints return 502, 503, 404 codes

All US profile ladder endpoints return 503 error. Is this a temporary issue, as the code suggests, or something is wrong?

This call returns 503 error, but their web profile Profile Summary - PartinG - StarCraft II Official Game Site correctly shows the ladder.
/sc2/profile/1/1/20782779/ladder/304452 (player’s last ladder) also returns 503 error code. returns 404

I’ve been experiencing this too!

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Now some EU endpoints return 502 error code sometimes
Affected endpoints:


Matches and ladder errors are more frequent. It’s only relevant for host, if any other host is used, like, then there are no errors.

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This is incredibly frustrating, the SC2 API is still broken and there hasn’t been any acknowledgment of this :frowning:

The issues have been resolved.

Well, it didn’t last long - unfortunately, it appears it’s broken once again. Getting 503 again, since 16h ago. Didn’t fully investigate, but I assume it’s the same problem, as it’s only affecting data from US region.